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I-O External Print Box for serial printers, printer sharing, 3812(SCS), 3287/68/62 emulation

Part Number: CXS+
Price: $595


The I-O Print Box CxS plus and TxS plus turns an ASCII laser or dot-matrix serial printer into a powerful twinax or coax printer. It can easily be configured to meet the most demanding printing requirements. The I-O Print Box TxP/CxP plus attaches virtually any PC printer with a serial port to an IBM AS/400 iSeries or Mainframe zSeries host.

IO External Serial Twinax Print Server
The I-O Print Box TxS/CxS plus is the most reliable and hassle-free external connectivity solution for serially attached ASCII printers. It is specifically targeted at connecting specialty printers (such as bar code label printers) to IBM host systems. The I-O Print Box TxS/CxS plus offers these features:
  • Attaches virtually any PC printer with an RS-232 serial port to an IBM AS/400, iSeries, eServer i5, System/3X, or 3270-type mainframe host, or to a controller.
  • Setup is quick and easy via the mouse-supported PC setup software, through Host/PC download commands, and on-board DIP switches.
  • Comes with drivers for a wide variety of popular ASCII printers including Hewlett-Packard PCL-type laser, Epson, and IBM dot-matrix printers, and a generic driver for use with specialty printers such as bar code label printers.
  • Replaces and is 100% compatible with I-O's popular 8215 External Printer Interface.
  • Comes with built-in intelligent printer sharing capabilities, allowing the attached printer to be automatically shared between twinax/coax and PC, LAN or RS/6000 users through the RS-232 port, at no extra cost.
  • Designed and tested for reliable operation in twisted pair environments with an external Balun.
Coax 3270
Attaches to IBM 30XX, 43XX, or 937X Host, or 3x74 or 3276 Controller
IBM 3812-1 to HP PCL4/5 and 4224, 4214, 3287/68/62 to Epson FX/LQ, IBM PPDS (Proprinter) and Generic printers
LU3 (DSC) and LU1 (SCS) Mode Printing
APO and COR for laser printers
Supports All Applicable IBM RPQs
Output port similar to IBM PC 25 pin serial port. Configurable to 300-38,400 BAUD, 7 or 8 Bit Data, 1 or 2 Stop Bits, Odd Even or No Parity, XON/XOFF or RTS/CTS flow control.
Features Benefits
Reliable Performance Increase productivity by avoiding printer downtime.
Configuration Through Mouse Driven PC Software or Host/PC Download Commands Conveniently customize the I-O Print Box from a PC or from the host system
True IBM Printer Emulations Replace IBM system printers without re-writing existing applications.
Software Compatibility Print from popular host applications such as bar code and electronic forms printing packages without worrying about the print output.
I-O Command Pass-Thru™ Access all programmable functions of the attached printer such as bar codes, fonts, etc.
Serial sharing port included Increase the availability of the printer by sharing it between the IBM host and a PC, LAN, or RS/6000 through the RS-232 port, without paying extra.
25 pin PC Serial Connector Same cable and setup that work with a PC will work with the TxS/CxS.

For Twinax see the TXS+


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