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I-O Internal Laser Card for HP5, 5Si, 4, 4Si, 4 Plus, 4V 3287/68/62, 3812 (non-IPDS) emulation, printer sharing

Part Number: 9220
Price: $595


I-O 9220 LaserCard

I-O 9220 Coax to ASCII Printer Interface

The I-O 9220 LaserCard™ turns Hewlett-Packard LaserJet 5Si, 4 plus, 4Si, 4V, and other MIO-compatible printers Coax SCS printers in an IBM S/390 – zSeries host environment..

The I-O 9220 LaserCard™ turns Hewlett-Packard LaserJet 5Si, 4 plus, 4Si, 4V, and other MIO-compatible printers into feature-rich coax printers. The I-O 9220 LaserCard™ is conveniently configured through the printer’s front panel or Host/PC download commands. It installs internally into the printer’s MIO slot and offers the following features:
  • Seamless connectivity to IBM 3270-type mainframe hosts or 3174 or 327X controllers.
  • Includes built-in intelligent printer sharing port, allowing the HP printer to be automatically shared between coax and PC/LAN users at no extra cost.
  • Comes with the industry’s best 3287/68/62 and 3812 (SCS) printer emulations for worry-free host printing.
  • Supports multiple fonts, Automatic Print Orientation (APO), Computer Output Reduction (COR), host selectable paper trays, printing on 11x17 and A3 sized paper, and many other features.
  • Generates bar codes, charts, and electronic forms through simple IOGL™ (I-O Graphics Language ™) commands from the host.
  • Allows color printing directly from the host when installed in the HP Color LaserJet or DeskJet 1600C.
Attaches to:
IBM 30XX, 43XX, and 937X hosts or 3174 and 327X controllers
Includes IBM 3287, 3268, 3262, 3812, 4214, and 4224 (all SCS) printer emulations
Supports 17 Languages
Automatic Print Orientation (APO)
Computer Output Reduction (COR)
Features Benefits
Local or Remote Configuration Conveniently configure the I-O 9220 LaserCard™ through the printer’s front panel, from an attached PC/LAN, or directly from the IBM host.
Internal Installation Seamless host connectivity with minimal space requirements.
True IBM Printer Emulation Replace IBM system printers without rewriting existing applications.
Superb Font and Color Support Enhances the appearance of printout by using virtually any font and even color (Color LJ, DJ 1600C).
Internally Generated Bar Codes Print bar codes directly from the host. Supported bar codes include: Code 39, Code 128, Interleaved 2 of 5, UPC A EAN 8, EAN 13, and POSTNET.
I-O Graphics Language™ Quickly and inexpensively create charts and electronic forms by embedding IOGL™ commands into the host data stream.
High Speed Processing Print host jobs at the HP LJ 5Si’s maximum rate speed of 24 ppm.
Programmability Conveniently call up customized printer command strings through macro IDs.
Integrated Centronics Parallel Port Optimize the utilization of the printer by sharing it between the IBM host and an additional PC/LAN. No user intervention is required.


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