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I-O Internal for Epson DFX 5000+, 8500, LQ/FX 2170 etc. optional printer sharing

Part Number: 9320
Price: $545


I-O 9320 LaserCard

I-O 9320 Print Server

The I-O 9320 Internal Coax Printer Interface Card allows Type BEPSON printers, including the DFX-5000+, to be attached to an IBM S/390 – zSeries host.

The I-O 9320 Internal Coax Printer Interface Card allows EPSON printers, including the DFX-5000+ and 8000, with a slot for optional interface cards (C82305/ C82306) to be attached to an IBM 3270 mainframe host.

The I-O 9320 offers a wide range of IBM printer emulations, including 3287, 3262, 3268, 4214-1, and 4224, or 3812-1 (non-IPDS). When using an EPSON laser printer with data or word processing applications, Computer Output Reduction (COR) and Automatic Page Orientation (APO) can be used to print reports on letter size paper.

The I-O Command Pass-Thru™ feature allows complete access to all user-programmable printer features. The printer sharing port on the interface is auto-switching offering intelligent Host/PC printer sharing. Support for both LU3 and LU1 modes is also available providing maximum printing flexibility.

IBM compatible printing, PLUS additional features provide significant cost savings over traditional coax printing.

Attaches to IBM 3270-Type Hosts or 3174, 3274, 3276 Control Units
IBM 3287, 3262, 3268, 4214-1, 4224 (all SCS) Printer Emulations
Multiple Fonts Supported
LU3 (DSC) and LU1 (SCS) Mode Printing
Computer Output Reduction (COR)
Automatic Page Orientation (APO)
IBM RPQ Options Supported
Features Benefits
IBM Compatibility Offers complete IBM compatibility for 3812-1 (non-IPDS) and 5224 printer emulations.
Easy Setup Host or PC download configuration "on the fly". PC download or push-button configuration allows setup of the interface without being connected to the 3270 host, for pre-programming of the interface.
EPSON Type A Printer Support Supports EPSON FX-870, 1170; DFX-5000+; LQ-570/570+, 870, 1070/1070+,1170; DLQ-2000/3000; EPL-400, 41/42/4300, 5000, 52/5600, 8000, 8100,9000, STYLUS 1000; SQ-870, 1170; Action Printer 5000/5000+, 5500, 8500 and Action Laser II, 1000, 15/1600.
Intelligent Host/PC Printer Sharing Attach a PC and a Host to the same printer. Automatically monitors both input lines for data and selects the next incoming stream without user intervention.
I-O Command Pass-Thru™ Allows access to all user-programmable printer functions.
Host/PC Download Commands Allows printer configuration customization.
Custom User Strings Allows the user to assign commonly used printer commands to simple identifiers which can be sent to the printer prior to printing a document.
PA1 and PA2 Push Buttons Provide optional manual response to Program Attention Requests from the IBM host.


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