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I-O 5450E is an External, Multi-Protocol Print Server with native IBM AS/400, iSeries, eServer i5 and s/390 - zSeries support, 10BaseT, 100BaseT, 2 parallel port, 1 serial port

Part Number: 5450e
Price: $695


I-O 5450e Three Session, Multi-Protocol Print Server for AS/400, iSeries, eServer i5 & S/390 – zSeries

I-O 5450e LAN Print Server

The I-O 5450e is a three session, three port print server that converts native IBM AS/400, iSeries, eServer i5 or S/390 – zSeries SCS print jobs to PCL, allowing them to be printed on a laser printer.

The I-O 5450e is a three session, three port, multi-protocol print server. It provides full-function IBM AS/400-iSeries or Mainframe-zSeries printing over a 10/100 Mbps Ethernet network, as well as printing from Windows, Novell, OS/2, or Unix platforms.

I-O 5450e LAN Print Server Diagram

  • Connects up to 3 printers (2 parallel, 1 serial)
  • 10 / 100 Mbps Ethernet LAN, auto sensing
  • Multiple Host support (AS/400 iSeries, Mainframe zSeries, Windows, Unix)
  • Multiple LAN protocols (SNA, TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, NetBIOS)
  • Host printing via Telnet (TN5250e and TN3270E), SNA (APPC) or AnyNet
  • Simple, one step set-up (auto configuration) when using TN5250e or TN3270e
  • Host controlled printing, including error reporting, page range printing etc.
  • I-O's award winning IBM printer emulations
  • EBCDIC to ASCII conversion done by the 5450e, Frees host resources and increases print speeds>
IBM Features: LAN (ASCII) Features:
• Supported Protocols for IBM AS/400-iSeries
or z-Series-Mainframe printing:
- TCP/IP (TN5250e)
- TCP/IP (TN3270e)
- AnyNet (SNA over TCP/IP)

• Supported IBM SCS Printer Emulations:
- 3812-1
- 4214
- 5224/25/56
- 3287

•Supported Printer Drivers for EBCDIC-ASCII Conversion:
- IBM Proprinter, PPDS
- Epson ESC/P2, FX, LQ
- Generic
• Supported Protocols for LAN (ASCII) printing:

•Supported LAN (ASCII) Hosts:
- Novell (NDS, bindery)
- Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP
- Windows for Workgroups
- OS/2 Warp, OS/2

• FLASH Memory

• SNMP Compliant

• Supported Ethernet Frame Types:
- IEEE 802.2, 802.3, Ethernet II, SNAP

• Supported Ethernet Media:
- 10BaseT, 100BaseT (auto-sensing)

• Printer Ports:
- 2 IEEE 1284 bi-directional Centronics parallel ports
- 1 RS-232 serial port (DB9)

• 100-240V (IEC) Auto-Switching Power Supply

• Powerful RISC Processor
Features Benefits
IBM Host printing over Ethernet Allows host print jobs to be seamlessly printed over a LAN.
Enhanced Telnet 5250 (TN5250e)and Telnet 3270 (TN3270e) Communicates with the IBM Host using native TCP/IP.
Printer error reporting to the host Prevents loss of host print data by providing the same level of print status reporting as a twinax or coax printer.
Page range printing Permits users to print select page ranges from large documents and reports.
Off-loading of Data Conversion Eliminates unnecessary overhead by converting EBCDIC data to ASCII data directly on the I-O 5450e.
Three IBM printer sessions Supports up to three individual printer sessions for maximum printing flexibility.
True IBM printer emulations Permits full-function host printing on the attached LAN printer.
Simultaneous, multi-host printing
Maximizes printer utilization by supporting concurrent printing not only from the host but from Novell, Windows, OS/2, UNIX, etc.
10BaseT and 100BaseT Provides versatility in attaching to LANs at different speeds.
2 parallel and 1 serial printer ports Allows attachment of up to three printers to the host and LAN using only one network connection.
Auto configuration Installs in minutes.
Powerful RISC processor Takes advantage of the LAN printer's maximum print speed even when processing IBM Host jobs.


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