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I-O Direct-attach for Lexmark 4227 dot-matrix, 4214, 5224/25/56 emulation, printer sharing

Part Number: 4030TX
Price: $445

I-O 4030TX Print Server for Lexmark

I-O 4030TX Printer Module

The I-O 4030TX Printer Modules easily attaches Lexmark 4227 dot-matrix printers to an IBM AS/400, iSeries or eServer i5 host.

The I-O 4030TX Printer Modules easily attach Lexmark 4227 dot-matrix printers to IBM host systems and are quickly configured through on-board DIP switches and Host/PC download commands. These printer interfaces offer the following features:
  • The I-O 4030TX model provides attachment to IBM AS/400, S/3X hosts or 5x94 remote controllers. The I-O 4030CX model provides connectivity to IBM 3270-type mainframes or 3174, 3274, or 3276 control units.
  • These direct-attach interfaces include the industry’s best IBM 4214, 5224/25/56, and 3287/68/62 printer emulations.
  • The additional full-sized Centronics parallel port allows for economical and intelligent printer sharing between the IBM host and a PC or LAN.
  • The I-O Command Pass-Thru™ feature allows complete access to all user-programmable printer options, such as printer resident bar code capabilities.
  • The interface’s seamless integration allows the utilization of all additional paper handling options, such as the Tractor 2 feeder.
  • APF/BGU printing is supported across all IBM printer emulations.
Twinax AS/400
Attaches to IBM AS/400 or System/3X Hosts, or 5X94 Controllers
Supports IBM 4214, 5224, 5225, 5256 Printer Emulations
Supports 16 Languages
Supports OfficeVision/400, DisplayWrite/36
Features Benefits
Low Capital Investment Add a host printer while leaving money in the budget for other purchases.
Configuration Through On-Board DIP Switches and Host/PC Download Commands Conveniently customize the I-O 4030 to be up and running in minutes.
True IBM Printer Emulations Replace IBM system printers without re-writing existing applications.
Parallel Sharing Port Included Increase the availability of the printer by sharing it between the IBM host and a PC - or even a LAN without paying extra.
I-O Command Pass-Thru™ Access all programmable functions of the attached printer such as bar codes, fonts, etc.
Compact Design Utilize all of the printer’s paper handling options, such as the Tractor 2 feeder.
Internal Power Supply Seamless integration minimizes space requirements by avoiding additional external power cables.


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