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BOSaNOVA file transfer software, via BOSaNOVA S/36 (8mm & 1/4" Tape)

Part Number: 1203
Price: $400


Advanced PC-Host File Transfer


via BOSaNOVA firl trasfer software

via BOSaNOVA provides flexible and powerful file transfer between a midrange host and standalone, LAN-based, or remote PCs. No PC Support components are required, significantly reducing resource utilization. AS/400 and System/36 versions are available.
Sharing files between PCs and AS/400 or System/36 hosts offers a level of integration not attainable using emulation alone. With via BOSaNOVA's built-in capability to convert host data into popular PC file formats, incorporating data into PC spreadsheet and database applications is fast and easy.

Windows users will benefit most, with an advanced user- friendly front-end which is part of every BOScom Windows emulation product. Install the host software and all users already connected to that host are ready to go.

Note that via BOSaNOVA operates without any PC Support components. PC memory requirements and AS/400 overhead are minimal.

Notes for Windows Users
  • Transfer files from an AS/400 or System/36 with or without conversion
  • Host files may be converted on-the-fly to text, dBASE, Lotus 1-2-3, Excel, and other formats
  • Includes online Browse feature for finding files on the host
  • Includes format file editor for customized data descriptions (DDS)
  • Flexible scheduling of automated file transfers
  • Customization of EBCDIC/ANSI tables for correct transfer to any application
  • Supports transfer of host Source files
  • Automatic creation of files on the host
Notes for DOS Users
  • DOS command-line interface for immediate or batch file use
  • Transfer binary, text, and Source files in either direction
  • Supports variable field length files and field separators
  • Backup mode for storing entire PC files on the host
  • Automatic creation of files on the host
  • Industry compatible with all IBM 5250 API compliant emulations
  • Includes batch file utilities SendString and WaitForString

Host-to-PC Formats Supported

  • Delimited text files (TXT, CSV, PRN)
  • Data Interchange Format (DIF)
  • dBASE II (DBF)
  • Lotus 1-2-3 DOS (WKQ)
  • Lotus 1-2-3 Windows (WKS)
  • Microsoft Excel (XLS)
  • Unconverted text
  • Binary (no EBCDIC-to-ANSI conversion)
PC-to-Host Formats Supported
  • Delimited text files (TXT, CSV, PRN)
  • Data Interchange Format (DIF)
  • dBASE II (DBF)
  • Unconverted text
  • Binary (no EBCDIC-to-ANSI conversion)
System Requirements
AS/400: OS/400 version 2.2.0 or higher, tape drive for cartridges with density 10,000
System/36: 100K memory, 5.25" disk drive to install the software
DOS PC: DOS 3.3 or higher, 100K free conventional memory, 5250 Twinax-based emulation system supporting an IBM-defined API (such as BOSaNOVA)
Windows PC: A BOScom Windows emulation product (BOSaNOVA Twinax or BOSaNOVA Client for Windows
Ordering Information
Part Number Description
1203 via BOSaNOVA for System/36 hosts
1204 via BOSaNOVA for AS/400 hosts

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