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BOSaNOVA Thin Client WTC-550 with 5250/3270, CE.Net, IE 6, RDP, ICA,

Part Number: 7520
Price: $425


BOSaNOVA CE.Net Thin Client


Thin Client Overview

Powered by Microsoft Windows CE.Net, the BOSaNOVA WTC-550 provides cost-effective and secure access to applications residing on an iSeries or pSeries host, and/or Microsoft Windows, Unix, or Citrix servers.


Unlike other CE.Net-based Thin Clients, which support only full-screen applications, the BOSaNOVA WTC-550 allows management of multiple browser windows within a single browser instance. As a result, even pop-up windows (which typically require the user to close the new window in order to revert to the parent window) are no longer a distraction to the standard user’s workflow. This capability, alongside unique 5250 split screen support (a first for CE.Net implementations), provides users with more flexibility and increased productivity.


  • Fast processor gives this entry-level Thin Client the benefit of excellent performance in an economical solution

  • Windows CE.Net 5.0 operating system with embedded Internet Explorer 6.0 compact browser to access web-based applications — with window manager, web mail icon, and kiosk mode

  • Embedded GUI TN5250e/TN3270e terminal emulation display (up to four sessions) and SCS printing, as well as the following ASCII emulations: VT100, VT220, VT400, SCO, Xterm R6, and Telnet with SSH

  • Supports connection to Windows Terminal Servers and Citrix servers using the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), Citrix Independent Computing Architecture (ICA) client software, Citrix Web Client, Tarantella, Propalms and VNC Client

  • Automatic 5250 session termination on power-down, preventing “session in use” problems normally associated with Ethernet terminals

  • Support for touch screen, USB printing, and optional 802.11 b/g wireless.

  • Contains full array of embedded applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint viewers; POP-3 e-mail; media player; and a PDF reader

  • GUI setup and centralized configuration, management, and security via the BOSaNOVA Remote Management utility for low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

Enterprise Class Remote Administration

The BOSaNOVA WTC-550 Thin Client is simple toconfigure either locally or remotely using the BOSaNOVA Manager, which enables the following tasks:

  • Complete terminal configuration from a central location

  • User lock-out from configuration changes

  • Scheduling of firmware updates

  • Cloning of user environments

  • Control over which applications run on a particular terminal


The BOSaNOVA WTC-550 supports 5250 split screen allowing use of two full sessions at the same time without the normal full screen hot keying associated with other CE.Net devices.
  • CPU - VIA Eden 533MHz
  • Standard Flash/Ram - 32MB/128MB (Flash/Ram)

  • Networking - Autosensing, 10/100 Ethernet, RJ-45, WakeOnLAN, PXE boot, USB 802.11g support

  • USB Ports – Type 2 - 3

  • Serial Port – D-Sub 9-Pin Male Connector - 2

  • Parallel Port – D-Sub 25-Pin Female Conn. - 1

  • Serial Port – D-Sub 9-Pin Male Connector - 2

Thin Client/Server Computing:

  • RDP (5.5 equivalent) and ICA (Version 9)
  • Terminal Emulation suite, includes IBM 5250 & 3270, VT100, and Wyse

Dimensions - 1.75” W x 9.5” H x 9.0” D 



  • Operating Temperature: 32-104o F  0° ~ 40°C
  • Humidity: 20-90% non-condensing
  • Operating Altitude: 0-20,000 ft (0-6,096 m)


Standard Package and Accessories:

  • Thin Client and Stand
  • Optical Mouse
  • AC/DC Adapter
  • USB to PS2 adapter
  • 3-year warranty
  • Documentation


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