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BOSaNOVA RBT-320 Thin Client with 122-key PC/5250 Keyboard

Part Number: 7320K
Price: $465


The CE.Net Rabbit Thin Client "COMBO"

             BOSaNOVA Rabit Thin Client
Thin Client Overview
The RBT Series offers increased performance in a compact package. Assembled in the USA, these thin clients weigh less than 1 lb allowing you flexible mounting options and lower shipping costs. And the robust and fan-less construction allows for quiet and reliable operation.

BOSaNOVA CE.Net Thin Client Rabbit
The high speed AMD Geode™ GX 533 processor provides users with exceptional performance and low power consumption within a small footprint.

The RBT-320 allows for switching between a PC-like desktop mode and the standard Windows based terminal mode for a more versatile operating environment.

Typically CE-based Thin Clients support only full-screen applications, but the RBT-320 allows management of multiple browser windows within a single browser instance. As a result, pop-up windows work as expected. This capability, alongside unique 5250 split screen support (a first for CE.Net implementations), provides users with more flexibility and increased productivity.

  • Industry standard OS (CE 5.0)
  • Small form factor for space-saving, desktop
    and mounted deployments
  • Use with Windows Servers and embedded
    emulations simultaneously
  • Advanced emulation with 4 5250 sessions. Split Screen, Rule Cursor, macro support, multi host, GUI, 122-key keyboard support
  • 802.11 b/g wireless ready
  • Biometric support for enhanced security
  • Controlled power down prevents leaving
    open sessions on the host
  • 3-year advance exchange warranty

  • High speed AMD Geode™ GX 533
  • RAM: 128MB ; DOM: 64MB
  • 10/100 BaseT Ethernet
  • External USB 1.1 Ports (4)
  • SNMP based BOSmanager provides management tools for updates, monitoring, and control

Thin Client/Server Computing:

  • RDP (5.5 equivalent) and ICA (Version 9)
  • Terminal Emulation suite, includes IBM 5250 & 3270, VT100, and Wyse


  • Unit H x W x D: 1.4" (35 mm) x 5.5" (140 mm) x 5.1" (130 mm)
  • Base Weight: .88 lbs., excluding external AC/DC adaptor


  • FCC-B and


  • Operating Temperature: 0° ~ 40°C
  • Humidity: 0% ~ 90%
  • DC12V, 1.2A

Standard Package and Accessories:

  • Thin Client and Stand
  • Optical Mouse
  • AC/DC Adapter
  • USB to PS2 adapter
  • 3-year warranty
  • Documentation

The new 8122b BOSaNOVA 5250 122-key keyboard can be used with any PC or Thin Client connected to Microsoft Windows Terminal Server or Citrix. It is driverless, enabling it to be integrated smoothly in all operating systems. As a result, organizations can look forward to regaining the benefits of true terminal-style productivity.

BOS 5250 Keyboard in Black

A typical keyboard has only 101 keys (104 keys on a Windows keyboard), in sharp contrast to the 122 keys that were standard in the conventional midrange environment. For users of traditional non-programmable terminals who were used to the full set of 122 keys, moving to a PC or Thin Client can mean a big loss in production. Up to 36 new key combinations are required to perform tasks previously performed with single keystrokes on the traditional 122 key keyboards.

While the 122-key keyboard for PCs are nothing new, those keyboards required operating system-specific software drivers. Those software drivers are not just expensive but are also problematic, such as when a Terminal Server or Citrix implementation is used.

Although industry-standard PC/5250 122-key keyboards work well enough with a PC or Thin Client running embedded 5250-emulation software, they are not fully functional when the user attaches to Windows Terminal Server or Citrix. The keyboard, in these instances, functions only as a regular PC keyboard; typically the upper function keys do not work. The new BOSaNOVA 122-key keyboard, however, works perfectly in both PC and Thin Client environments.

  • Works flawlessly with both embedded and Citrix or Windows Terminal Server applications, since it also emulates 101-key keyboards

  • The BOSâNOVA keyboard is driverless, enabling it to integrate smoothly into any operating system environment

  • Simple keyboard map files are available for import to industry-standard TN5250e emulations, such as IBM Client Access and BOSâNOVA TCP/IP

  • Map files can be modified to work with any manufacturer's thin client


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