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Anti Virus, Anti Spyware, Anti SPAM, Web Proxy, Web Acceleration, and Content Filtering. Fast processor. Supports gigabit network cards. Designed for 19” rack mount.

Part Number: MSS-300 (50-150 Users)
Price: $24370


Keynai Security Server for Mid-Sized Businesses

Keynai Security Box MSS-300

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Network Security Made Simple

Keynai security guide

World-Class Automated Up-to-the-Minute Protection

Hundreds of times a week via "PUSH" technology, Keynai Managed Security Servers are automatically updated within seconds of new threat signatures becoming available. No other UTM solution comes close.
Updated based upon the world's latest Internet threats that are detected, reported, and eliminated via the Network-Box Worldwide Self-Defending Network.

UTM = Unified Threat Management: The ULTIMATE Security Solution

With ONE Device,
ELIMINATE Threats such as:

With the SAME Device have:

  • Viruses
  • Worms
  • Trojans
  • Phishing
  • Spyware
  • SPAM
  • Undesireable Content
  • Hacking
  • Managed VPN Access
  • Firewall Protection
  • Intrusion Prevention
  • DMZ Segmentation
  • Updated Anti-Virus
  • Updated Anti-Spam
  • Content Filtering

Keynai provides a single, integrated service that tackles security threats with a rigorous and consistent approach. These include:

Firewall ~ Keynai firewall provides a base level of network protection by only allowing permitted types of Internet traffic with specific machines.

Anti-Virus ~ The signatures database and heuristicdetection routines are updated dozens of times a day – blocking new viruses before they reach your network.

Anti-Spyware ~ Keynai prevents the downloading of spyware in the first place, and can block the outgoing transfer of private information from computers that may already have been infected.

Anti-Spam ~ Keynai uses a multi-layer Anti-Spam system that adapts itself to your office’s e-mail pattern.

Content Filtering ~ Keynai lets you decide what content to stop at the door. MSS combines the SurfControlTM database (which categorizes 1.7 billion web pages) with a suite of tools to allow you to regulate Internet use, including peer-to-peer software, instant messaging, and other applications.

Intrusion Detection & Prevention ~ The Intrusion Detection and Prevention system is integrated with the firewall.

DMZ Segmentation ~ Keynai easily creates a secure Internet-accessible segment on your network that allows customers, suppliers, and partners to access information without compromising your critical network data.

VPN ~ Keynai MSS VPN services provide secure communication between your offices, with partners, customers, or employees at home or on the road.

Traffic Shaping & Policing ~ Keynai determines how and by whom your Internet capacity is utilized, by intelligently controlling bandwidth usage.


ALL Models include: Push Updates, Firewall, Intrusion Detection, and Virtual Private Network (VPN).



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