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BOSaNOVA Rabbit TBT-366, Linux, 5250/3270, RDP, ICA Thin Client (Mouse not included)

Part Number: 7366
Price: $375


BOSaNOVA Rabbit Thin Client

"The Rabbit" a Smaller, Faster, Cooler Thin Client

Thin Client Overview

The BOS Rabbit Thin Client offers increased performance in a compact package. This low cost option weighs less than 1 lb allowing you flexible mounting options and lower shipping costs. And the robust and fan-less construction allows for quiet and reliable operation.

The Rabbit is optimized to work as a 'Green Screen' terminal replacement however because it is designed with the features and flexibility of a thin client it is easier to setup than other Ethernet terminals on the market. The setup requires no more than three entries and the 5250 sessions are ready and working, no mouse required.

BOSaNOVA Rabit Thin Client
Included in the Rabbit:
  • High speed AMD Geode GX 533
  • RAM: 128MB; DOM: 64MB
  • 10/100 BaseT Ethernet
  • External USB 1.1 Ports (4)
  • SNMP based BOSManager provides management tools for updates, monitoring, and control
  • AC/DC Adapter
  • USB to PS2 adapter
  • 3 year advanced exchange warranty


  • The RBT-366 outperforms similar products by more than three times.

  • Industry standard OS (Linux 2.6 Kernel)

  • Small form factor for space-saving, desktop and mounted deployments

  • Advanced emulation with 8 5250 sessions. Split Screen, Rule Cursor, macro support, multi host, GUI, 122-key keyboard support

  • Available option for USB wireless networking

  • 3-year advance exchange warranty

The Rabbit supports three modes of operation:

TBT Mode - Text based setup with startup wizard (no
mouse required), terminal green screen with auto start
and auto-reconnect, 122 key keyboard support, Function
key macro support and split screen.

WBT Mode - Windows based Terminal mode, where the
terminal behaves like a CE.NET device with full screen
applications, optional GUI 5250/3270, Terminal Server
access, Citrix or Tarantella which auto start and autoreconnect

Desktop Mode - Windows 2000 type user interface provides
access to all applications in a windowing environment
including GUI 5250 / 3270 with up to eight emulation


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