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Internal AFP/IPDS and SCS Flash with IBM AS/400, iSeries, eServer i5 & s/390 - zSeries support for HP Color LaserJet 4650, 5550, HP Laserjet 2410, 2420, 2430, 4250, 4350, 9040, 9050, HP Multifunction LaserJet 4345mfp, 9040mfp, 9050mfp, and 9500mfo printe

Part Number: 3235F-053
Price: $1040

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IO Corporation 3235F Dimm Forms on Demand

Forms on Demand
is a multi-faceted forms offering which includes both products and services.

When it comes to electronic forms,
I-O can help.

  • I-O 3235F IPDS/SCS/FormPort Flash

The I-O 3235F not only converts IBM IPDS and SCS to PCL but also transforms SCS from plain text to a graphical output. Invoices, checks, statements, etc. can now be printed with variable data, eliminating the cost of expensive pre-printed forms.

3235F Forms on demand comp

  • FormPort Designer
As an electronic forms design tool, FormPort Designer is a PC-based tool and is available for those who desire to create their own electronic forms.

  • I-O Global Forms Design Center
  • Design Services for FormPort (SCS)
  • Design Services for Infoprint (IPDS)
As a Forms on Demand service, I-O's Global Forms Design Center will professionally design electronic forms, invoices, statements, checks, etc. Whether printing via SCS or IPDS, I-O can quickly and economically design new forms or convert existing pre-printed forms to be used in an IBM host environment.

  • I-O 3235F IPDS/SCS/FormPort Flash
Designed for HP LaserJet printers, the I-O 3235F IPDS/SCS/FormPort Flash is a Forms on Demand product that allows IBM plain text SCS documents to be transformed and enhanced into graphic-rich forms. In addition, the I-O 3235F allows HP printers to print full function IBM host AFP/IPDS and SCS print jobs over an Ethernet network.

I-O Corporation 3235f forms on demand diagram

• Supported IBM AFP/IPDS Printer
- 4028 AS1
- 3812-2
- 3816-1D/S
- Includes 4312/17 font support
• Supported Printers:

I-O 3235F-053 Flash
- HP Color LaserJet 4650 and 5550 printers
- HP LaserJet 2410, 2420, 2430, 4250, 4350, 9040,
and 9050 printers
- HP Multifunction LaserJet 4345mfp, 9040mfp,
9050mfp, and 9500mfp printers
• Supported SCS Emulations:
- 3812-1
• Configuration:
- Printer front panel
- Web browser using the LaserJet's
embedded web server (EWS)
• AFP/IPDS Towers:
- Supports all towers
• Printer:
- 5 Mbytes RAM required
- PCL 5e or PCL 5c
• System Requirements:
iSeries, eServer i5 or AS/400
- OS/400 Release 3.1 or higher
- PSF/400

zSeries or S/390 Mainframes
- z/OS, OS/390 or MVS
- PSF/MVS Version 2.2.0
with APR OW15599
- MVS Scheduler with APRA 0212236
- TCP/IP Version 3 Release 1 or higher
Features Benefits
Host to LAN Printing APF/IPDS and SCS host printing and standard network printing can be accomplished in an Ethernet environment, eliminating the expense of a dedicated host AFP/IPDS or SCS printer
Multiple Host Solution Use one printer for IPDS, SCS, network, and desktop print jobs.
Forms from SCS Data Converts IBM's plain text SCS documents to graphical output, such as forms, invoices, statements, formatted text, barcodes, checks, etc. No changes are required at the host.
No Need for Pre-Printed Forms FormPort eliminates the expense of pre-printed forms. Forms are stored in the LaserJet printer's flash.
Form Design I-O's Global Forms Design service designs new forms or converts existing forms into electronic templates.

I-O Global Forms Design Center
I-O Corporation employs a highly skilled staff that designs new forms or converts existing forms into an electronic format. Whether using SCS or IPDS data streams, I-O's Global Forms Design Center has the capability of creating professional forms.

SCS Forms
I-O's Global Forms Design Center offers forms creation for FormPort (included with the I-O 3235F). Designed for HP LaserJet printers, the I-O 3235F converts SCS print jobs to PCL. FormPort enhances the SCS data into a graphical presentation. Invoices, checks, reports, etc. are stored as templates on the printer's flash and are triggered to print with variable data.

3235f Image Forms on Demand

IPDS Forms
Utilizing IBM's Infoprint Designer, I-O's Global Forms Design Center offers customers forms design for IPDS data stream. This hassle-free service includes the creation of overlays, page segments and page/form definitions.


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