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Symbol Heated Barcode Scanner

Part Number: KS 3000
Price: $0


KS 3000 Heated Scanner Series

Symbol Barcode Scanner KS 3000

Durability and Performance for Extreme Temperatures
The KS 3000 Series of heated scanners represents another breakthrough from the industry leader in bar code data collection. The KS 3000 Series of scanners are optimized for extremely low temperature environments and are designed to eliminate exit window condensation when moving from the freezer to normal room temperatures. Available in four models, the KS 3000 Series brings scan decode read ranges of up to 35 ft. (10m) into freezer and cold storage applications.

LS 3000 Performance
The KS 3000 Series is the latest addition to the LS 3000 line of award-winning industrial handheld scanners from Symbol. With over 500,000 units already sold, the LS 3000 line leads the way in unsurpassed reliability and performance over a wide variety of industrial, commercial and rugged retail applications. To create the KS 3000 Series, Symbol Technologies has integrated an internal heater element with a circulating fan into four of the most popular LS 3000 models. Now you can have clear, condensation and frost-free operation in freezer applications as low as -30° C (-22° F) along with the extended range performance of the LS 3200ER. Or for applications demanding the ability to read poorly printed or damaged bar codes, Symbol offers with the ‘fuzzy logic' performance with the integrated heater in the KS 3603.

Multiple Configurations
There are four KS 3000 models to choose from: For extended range applications the KS 3200ER undecoded and the KS 3203ER decoded scanners can read up to 35 ft. (10m) on 100 mil labels. For standard range applications Symbol offers the decoded KS 3603 with ‘fuzzy logic' or the undecoded KS 3200. The four models give the user, or system integrator, the ability to choose decoded or undecoded, long range or standard range. Data interface options include built-in RS-232 and wand emulation for the decoded models as well as support for most other host systems via Symbol's Synapse™ smart cables. Any LS 3000 data cable will work with the KS 3000 Series.

Fork Truck Ready
The KS 3000 scanner packages come complete with a universal power supply for connection to all standard fork trucks. The power supply takes input voltage from 20 to 72 VDC and supplies power to the heating elements separately from the data connection.

KS 3000 Heated Scanners
  • LS 3000 Series performance with internal heating element
  • Four versions available: Standard Range, Extended Long Range, Decoded and Undecoded configurations
  • Supports all fork truck applications
  • Complete scanner solution for freezer/frozen material distribution
  • Eliminates condensation caused by extreme/rapid temperature changes


KS 3000 Heated Scanner Series Specification Highlights

Performance Characteristics

Light Source:

650 nm laser diode (KS 3603 & KS 3200)
675 nm laser diode (KS 3200ER & KS 3203ER)

Scan Rate:

36 (±3) scan/sec. (bi-directional)


± 45° from normal

Roll (skew):

± 10° from normal


± 45 from normal

Print Contrast:

50% minimum reflectance

Decode Capability:

(Decoded versions) UPC/EAN with supplements, Code39, Code39 Full ASCII, Code 128, EAN 128, Codabar, I 2 of 5, Discrete 2 of 5, MSI/Plessey

Interface Type:

(Decoded versions) wand emulation, RS-232C, PC and terminal keyboard wedges, OCR, Dual RS-232C IBM 468X/469X, OCIA, Bi-directional OCIA


Certified to UL1950/CSAC 22.2 No. 950; complies with FCC Part 15 Class A, ICES-003 Class B, CISPRB

Physical Characteristics


Scanners; 110mA undecoded, 150mA decoded

Laser Class:

IEC Class 2, CDRH Class II


Scanners: 4.8 to 14 VDC Power Supply:
Input 20 to 72 VDC, nom. 48 VDC
Max Input at 20 VDC is 2A
Output for heater and thermostat
+12VDC@1.25A and +5VDC@ 0.18A


Scanners with insulated cover 8.7 oz. (308 grams)


Dark Gray w/ Black insulating cover

Packages Available:

PKG-KS3200ER-001 - Undecoded Long Range
PKG-KS3203ER-001 - Decoded Long Range
PKG-KS3603-001 - Decoded Standard Range
PKG-KS3200-001 - Undecoded Standard Range

User Environment

Ambient Light Immunity:

Incandescent light: 350 foot-candles /3,766 lux
Fluorescent light: 450 foot-candles /4,842 lux
Sodium vapor light: 350 foot-candles /3,766 lux
Mercury vapor light: 450 foot-candles/ 4,842 lux

Operating Temperature:

-30° to 50° C (-22° to 122° F)

Storage Temperature:

-40° to 60° C (-40° to 140° F)


5% to 95% (noncondensing)


Multiple 6ft (1.8m) drops to concrete


All components sealed against dust & water


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