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BOSaNOVA Desktop - Products Package

Part Number: 2660
Price: $195


BOSaNOVA Desktop: Delivers both APPC and TCP/IP clients to the desktop, SQL file transfer

Your BOSaNOVA Desktop is a great new way to get both APPC and TCP/IP access to your AS/400 from your desktop PC. AS/400 applications and data can be easily transported to any desktop PC and enhanced with the consistent form, feel and function of Windows. Among BOSaNOVA Desktop's many features, you will find display emulation with on-the-fly GUI, printing capabilities, and file transfer.

BOSaNOVA Desktop

Access your AS/400 from your desktop PC with the award-winning BOSaNOVA client

BOSaNOVA Desktop provides a wide range of options for PC-to-host connectivity for both APPC and TCP/IP access. For AS/400 hosts, BOSaNOVA Desktop includes integrated 16-bit and 32-bit LAN and Twinax efficient APPC connection to routers.


Efficient, direct connection to AS/400 and iSeries hosts


The integrated routers eliminate the need to use an external router and are extremely simple to install, characterized by BOScom's user-friendly install wizard. In addition, BOSaNOVA Desktop supports connectivity platforms such as IBM Client Access, Microsoft SNA Server and NetSoft Router.


BOSaNOVA Desktop includes an integrated router for efficient connectivity


  • Powerful AS/400 display access, based on BOScom's rich 5250 display environment, which includes toolbars, macros, over both TCP/IP and APPC, for Windows 9x/Me, NT/2000/XP, and 3.x platforms and MorphExpress on-the-fly GUI
  • Graceful, trouble-free AS/400 printing over both APPC and TCP/IP connections
  • Flexible data manipulation: file transfer utilities specifically developed for use with the AS/400
  • Efficient, direct connection to AS/400 hosts
  • Integrated router for efficient connectivity
  • Enhanced emulation features, supporting a wide range of IBM terminals
  • Simple to install and easy to use.

* APPC only


TCP/IP Connectivity Highlights
Simple and Efficient Native AS/400 Printing*
  • Routerless printing of AS/400 documents on PC- or network-attached printers
  • Automated printing configuration - no knowledge of AS/400 commands required
  • Complete control of all print jobs, including hold job and offline options
  • Support for multiple named queues, permitting multi-user configuration and printing on more than one local or network printer
  • Accurate "Print Preview"
  • Data can be passed either directly to the printer, for faster and more efficient printing, or to third-party applications
  • Support for Native SCS printer sessions and workstation IDs for dispaly and printer sessions (for OS/400 V3.R2, V3.R7, V4.R1 and V4.R2 with appropriate PTFs.


* 5250-style printer emulation is available for limited host operating system versions and requires additional PTFs. Please refer to IBM's Technical Document number 6163631 for additional information.

LPD Print Manager included in BOSaNOVA TCP/IP allows complete control over printing functions



Flexible FTP File Transfer Capabilities

The native AS/400 FTP client supports all AS/400 naming conventions and file systems, allowing users to transfer and receive data to and from the folders area and from the AS/400 libraries. The FTP client also provides an AS/400 remote command facility.


APPC Connectivity Highlights
Powerful Printing Emulation
  • Powerful printer control panel provides central access to all print emulation settings
  • Multiple automatic printing modes for hassle-free printing of any document
  • Diagnositc mode enables comprehensive printer troubleshooting
  • Host CPI and font ID translations allows complete font control
  • Automatic, host, and manual print parameter modes for maximum flexibility
  • Choice of standard Windows printer drivers or custom printer drivers
  • Independent 80- and 132-column


Flexible SQL File Transfer Capabilities
BOSaNOVA Desktop Data Transfer Function (DTF) performs SQL-based file and data transfer between midrange hosts and PCs. It supports automatic file format conversions including DBF, WKQ, WKS, XLS and basic sequential. DTF allows SQL extraction of only the data transfer statistics that provide the user with useful progress information.


SQL-based file and data transfer with automatic file format conversions
Ordering Information
Part Number Description
2660 BOSaNOVA Desktop connectivity suite (processor-based licensing available)


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