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I-O TC5000 CE 4.2 Thin Client Terminal, PS2 mouse, 104 PC style keyboard

Part Number: TC5000
Price: $475


I-O CE.NET Thin Client Terminal

I-O TC5000 CE.NET Thin Client from I-O Corp

The I-O TC5000 is a CE.Net based Thin Client, designed for IBM Host, Windows, Citrix, Unix and browser based applications.

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General Information
The I-O TC5000 Thin Client is a high speed, economical, Windows based thin client designed for IBM AS/400, iSeries, eSeries i5, mainframe connectivity and Windows, Citrix, Unix and browser based applications. With a 533 MHz processor and Window's CE.Net Operating System, the I-O TC5000 provides the power and flexibility required in a multi-application environment. I-O's award winning host printer emulations are embedded in the I-O TC5000, allowing native IBM AS/400, iSeries, and eServer i5 print jobs to be accurately printed.
The I-O TC5000 provides significant cost savings compared to PC workstations. In addition to being competitively priced, the I-O TC5000 saves time by allowing the system administrator to configure, manage and update each workstation from a central location. The I-O TC5000 does not utilize local storage drives which prevents unwanted software and costly viruses from being introduced into the network.
For over a quarter of a century, I-O Corporation has been a pioneer in developing IBM host emulations. Whether entering data or printing a report, the I-O TC5000 is the right choice.

I-O TC5000 diagram

Technical Specifications
• Windows CE v3.0
• I-O's TN5250e Printer Emulations
• ICA & RDP Support
• IE Browser v.4.0
• Remote Managment software
• 1 Parallel
• 2 Serial
• 2 USB
• Stereo out & Mic in
• VGA Display
• PS/2 Mouse
• PS/2 102 or I-O 122-key Thin Client Keyboard
• RJ45 10/100 Fast Ethernet
• Fast Ethernet 10/100 BaseT Auto Sensing
• DHCP Client with DNS
Display Support
• XVGA Monitor Suppot up to 1280x1024 resolution
• AS/400 132 & 80 Columns
• Mono & Color with up to 65535 colors
• Up to 85Hz refresh
Terminal Emulations
• IBM TN5250e
• IBM TN3270e & IBM 3151
• VT100, VT220, VT320
• WY60 & WY120
OS Support
• Windows 2000 Server / Advance Server
• Windows NT Terminal Server
• Windows XP
• Citrix WinFrame, MetaFrame
• Unix
Host Printing Emulations
• IBM SCS 3812
• National Geode 233MHz Processor
• 210x255x62 mm 8.25"x10"x2.56"
• Weight 6 lb.
• External Power Supply
Voltage 90-260 VAC
Frequency 50-60 Hz
Consumption <20 W
• 32MB RAM + 16MB Flash
Features Benefits
Supports AS/400 - iSeries, mainframe, Windows, & Unix Multiple host access using only one display station
I-O TN5250e printing emulations for AS/400-iSeries host print jobs over Ethernet Page range printing, error reporting, faster speeds, and print jobs are not lost in the "black hole" of Ethernet printing. Parallel or serial printers supported. Module converts 3812 to 4214 or 5256 depending upon printer attached.
True IBM 122-key 5250 keyboard layout Windows and AS/400 - iSeries compatible - Input is made fast & easy. Keyboard remapping allows customization of key layout.
Internet Explorer Browser v.4.0 Access to the World Wide Web and browser applications
Applications reside on host servers Prevents unwanted software and viruses from being introduced to the network
Central Control of configuration, management, & software updates Economical, time-saving solution when compared to PCs - Easy to manage
Microsoft Windows CE operating system Industry standard that supports Windows applications
Small Footprint Unobtrusive use of desk and office space

Ordering Information
TC5000/104 TC5000, plus104 PC style keyboard
TC5000/122 TC5000, plus IBM style 122-key 5250 keyboard
TC5000C/104 TC5000, plus104 PC style keyboard, 17" color monitor
TC5000C/122 TC5000, plus IBM style 122-key 5250 keyboard, 17" color monitor


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