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CLI 5250 Twinax Emulation Card & Software PCI Slot

Part Number: 5250-IP-PCI
Price: $295


CLI 5250 Emulation

CLI has been a world leader in 5250 emulation products for more than a decade. CLI emulation solutions are famous for its wide range of terminal and printer emulations, support for both Windows and DOS environments, and quick and easy installation.

CLI 5250 Emulation Card

CLI 5250 Twinax Emulation Card & Software

CLI 5250-IP (ISA card)
No IRQ or Upper-Memory Required For Hassle-Free Installation, Shared-Addressing, 4/7 Sessions, DOS, 16-Bit Windows 3.x or 32-Bit Windows 95/98/2000/NT Emulation Software, ISA Emulation Card & Cable.

A unique feature of 5250-IP is it contains two modes - INFOPRO Mode and IBM Mode. With its native INFOPRO mode, you can use Shared-Addressing and other extended display functions. While in IBM mode, the 5250-IP card seamlessly becomes an IBM 5250 compatible adapter so you can use any IBM 5250 compatible software such as CA/95, Netsoft, Rumba, etc.

CLI 5250-IP-PCI (PCI card)
Shared-Addressing, 4/7 Sessions, Windows 95/98/2000/NT Emulation Software, PCI Emulation Card & Cable.

CLI 5250 Twinax Emulation Card

CLI 5250-I
IBM compatible emulation adapter with adapter handler. Supports 2 sessions.

CLI 5250-IP Specifications

Host System IBM System 36/38 or IBM AS/400 Series
Remote Controller IBM 5294, 5394, or 5494 (or equivalent)
Multiple Sessions Up to 7 concurrent sessions (one of which may be for a printer)
Display Emulation (ISA Card) IBM 3476, 3197-C , 3197-D, and 3488V Displays
Display Emulation (PCI Card) IBM 5291, 3180, 3196, 3476, 3477, 3197-C , 3197-D, 3486, 3487 and 3488V Displays
Shared Addressing IBM 3488V (OS/400 V3R1 or above with appropriate controller support)
Printer Emulation IBM 5256, 5224/5225, 5219, 4214, 3812 Printers
Parallel Printer Attachment HP Laser Jet II/III series, IBM Laser Printer (HP Mode), IBM 4201, 4202 Proprinter, IBM Graphics Printer, EPSON FX or LQ series, Panasonic KXP109x (IBM Mode), OKI 19x/29x/39x or 321 (IBM Mode), Other printers (customizable table for support of non-standard printers)
Printer Features Various LPI, CPI, and Print quality settings, Sheet feeder and Source drawer support, Buffer Print and Printer key support, Customizable EBCDIC to ASCII translation table, Supports COR & Hex transparent pass thru
Display Format 80 x 25, 132 x 28 (Columns x Rows)
Extended Display Off/PS/ECB1/ECB2/ECB3 (ECB3 with color)
Hot Spots Users can use mouse to choose functions or select items from host session screen
Enhanced User Interface Provides friendly interface using special symbols (scroll bars, check boxes, radio buttons, windows frame, pushbuttons)
Language Support US English, Austrian/German, Belgian, Danish, Finnish/Swedish, French, Icelandic, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Spanish Speaking, Swiss-German, Swiss-French, Turkish, UK English, Canadian French, and Netherlands, Additional languages upon request.
PC I/O Address & IRQ Options Plug & play auto assigned
Operating Systems Support Microsoft Windows 3.1 (16-bit), Windows 95//98/2000/NT (32-bit)
DOS - ISA card only
IBM Mode - ISA card only 5250-IP card can operate as an "IBM 5250 Enhanced Adapter" and run transparently all IBM 5250 compatible software


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