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Affirmative iTwinax controller, 7 device

Part Number: 2407
Price: $1395


Affirmative iTwinax Controller
Supports local or remote Twinax Displays and Printers

Affirmative iTwinax Controller Affirmative Computer Products, a major supplier of Thin Client terminals tailored for IBM Midrange and Mainframe users, announced a Twinax Controller called the iTwinax supporting legacy 5250 display and print devices while connecting to AS/400 and iSeries over ethernet cables. Two models of the Affirmative iTwinax Controller are available, the 2407 iTwinax and 2414 iTwinax, supporting seven and fourteen devices respectively. Each display device may have up to 4 concurrent sessions, or up to 56 logical sessions per controller. Both models of the iTwinax are housed in a compact package weighing less than one pound.
The iTwinax controller is available in two configurations, supporting either 7 or 14 Twinax display and printer devices, with up to four sessions per display device. The new iTwinax controllers provide support for existing Twinax infrastructure on the device side while using the TCP/IP protocol on the host side. Since TCP/IP is a routable protocol, enormous savings are available in communications equipment and ongoing communications costs, through the elimination of leased lines to remote locations.
Affirmative iTwinax Controller map
The iTwinax controller bridges the gap between TCP/IP networks and legacy Twinax display and printer devices while preserving infrastructure investment and significantly lowering communication costs.
iTwinax Controller with AS/400 All IBM and compatible displays and printers are supported, including 5251, 5291, 5292, 3180, 3179, 3196, 3477FG and 3477FC. iTwinax supported printers include all SCS (SNA Character Stream) and IPDS (Intelligent Printer Data Stream) models. When using TN5250e, all printers are configured as 3812 model 1, but with the available AnyNet or SNA protocols, the host recognizes the actual printer type.
According to Robert Kosednar, Vice President, “the iTwinax Controller is a logical extension of our Thin Client product line, since many users are transitioning to TCP/IP networks but still want to protect their investment in Twinax devices and installed cabling.”
The Affirmative iTwinax controller can be setup in minutes using a provided utility installed on a Windows PC or server, or Affirmative will pre-configure controllers at no cost to the customer. Configuration information is maintained by Affirmative to facilitate overnight replacement in the unlikely event of failure.
Shown atop an iSeries 270 system, the iTwinax controller can be deployed in local or remote networks.
The iTwinax unit connects to AS/400 and iSeries systems via Ethernet running TCP/IP, SNA or Any Net protocols.

The compact iTwinax (8 .5 X 6 X 1.4 inches) has no moving parts and is highly integrated with a Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) estimated at 20,000 hours.
Affirmative iTwinax Controller SPECIFICATIONS
I/O Ports 10/100 Ethernet (RJ45)
Parallel Printer Port for diagnostics
Twinax (2)
Regulatory Approvals FCC 15, CE mark
Dimensions (WxDxH) 8.44 x 5.56 x 1.38 Inches
Color Black
Weight .88 Pounds
Power Full Range, Auto-Sensing, 100~240 VAC, Output 5 Volts at 2.5 Amps
Twinax Device Support Up to 7 with Model 2407
Up to 14 with Model 2414
Maximum 56 sessions, 4 per Twinax address
Hosts Connect up to four AS/400 or iSeries
Running Version 3 Release 2 or higher
Display Devices All 5250 Twinax displays, 5251, 5291, 5292, 3180-2, 3179-2, 3196, 3477FG & FC, (extended character attributes are not supported)
Twinax Printers All 5250 SCS and IPDS Twinax devices
TN5250e (SCS only)
AnyNet (All SCS and IPDS models)
SNA (All SCS and IPDS Models)
Languages US/Canadian English, Austrian German, Canadian French, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish Swedish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, UK English
Support Telephone Support 5:00AM to 5:00PM, Pacific
Other hours by appointment
12 month Warranty, Overnight Replacement


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