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Part Number: 5460
Price: $195

Native Plus PCI

100% IBM-compatible high performance Twinax adapter for PC-to-AS/400 connectivity

Native Plus PCI Card Native Plus PCI provides PC-to-AS/400 connectivity and BOScom's Stealth Technology features to users of PCs with a PCI bus.
The PCI bus is supplied with all new PCs, and provides integrated "plug-and-play" installation. Native Plus PCI Twinax adapters permit PCs and PC printers to interface directly with midrange systems, enabling them to perform as enhanced IBM midrange terminals and printers. Based on a unique ASIC implementation, Native Plus PCI provides functionality not previously available in any Twinax adapter. The advanced hardware design of BOS's Twinax adapters permits simple installation, operation without memory segment or IRQ configuration, and fast operation, eliminating most of the problems usually associated with Twinax adapters and improving workstation performance. Native Plus PCI comes bundled with the high performance Native Plus software, and supports DOS and Windows 3.x/9x/Me/NT/2000/XP APPC clients.

Feature Highlights
  • Designed with BOScom Stealth Technology, which eliminates the need for dedicated memory segment and IRQ
  • Uses active, built-in filters for increased tolerance of noisy Twinax lines and Twisted Pair lines
  • Includes Twinax Wizard for easy installation and configuration
  • Contains Twinax Tracer for efficient troubleshooting
High Performance Native Plus Software
The Native Plus software comes bundled with Native Plus adapter and contains the BOScom OEM MAC driver that supports the IBM OEM Spec II interface.

Native Plus software supports the following APPC clients:
  • IBM AS/400 Client Access V3R1M3 (or higher) for Windows 95/NT
  • IBM eNetwork Personal Communications Version 4.2 (or higher) for Windows 95/NT
  • IBM eNetwork Personal Communications Version 4.1 for Windows NT
  • IBM eNetwork Communications Server Version 5.01 for Windows NT
  • NetSoft NS/Portfolio Enterprise Version 3.11 for Windows 95/NT
  • NetSoft NS/Elite for AS/400 Access Version 3.11 for Windows 95/NT
  • NetSoft NS/Router for AS/400 Access Version 3.11 for Windows 95/NT
  • NetManage Rumba V. 7.0
Twinax Wizard Simplifies Configuration
Native Plus software features a Twinax Wizard which is automatically activated to configure the Twinax adapter. The Twinax Wizard automatically detects the Twinax adapter card, assigns it an available address, and verifies the APPC connection to the host. In addition, it also detects the client type installed on the PC, verifies that the client supports the IBM OEM Spec II interface, and sets the configuration parameters accordingly.
The Twinax Wizard can be run at any time to check system connections.
Ordering Information

BOSâNOVA Plus PCI emulation card for Win 9x/NT/2000/ME/XP

6401 BOSâNOVA Plus ISA card for Win 3.x, Win 9x/NT/2000/ME/XP
6400-U BOSâNOVA Plus PCI/ISA Software Upgrade
5400 Native Plus ISA, card and cable
5460 Native Plus PCI, card and cable


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