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BOSaNOVA LTC-1000 Linux Thin Client 5250/3270, Mozilla Browser, JVM, RDP, ICA, Adobe Acrobat Reader, POP3

Part Number: 7101
Price: $635


BOSaNOVA Linux Thin Client LTC-1000

Fast, Secure, Intelligent Linux Solution

Thin Client Overview

The BOSaNOVA Linux Thin Client LTC-1000 represents a giant step forward in Intelligent Thin Client computing. The hardware on this unit has a 1GHz CPU with an 84X A G P video adapter, providing the highest possible performing video output – essential in Server Centric computing. We have even included a DVI output for optimized use with today’s Flat Panel monitors.

With built-in Web Browser, Terminal Emulation, e-mail client, and the option of OpenOffice all embedded on the Thin Client, the user can enjoy the full benefits of desktop computing. This allows connectivity without the requirement for Terminal Server or Citrix, thus delivering substantial savings in licensing fees.

The built-in PCI and PCMCIA expansion slots provide immediate access to wireless networks with either Cisco Aironet or Belkin wireless cards.

BOSaNOVA Linux Thin Client LTC-1000 thin client
  • 1GHz C3 Via Processor with 84XAGP Graphics Accelerator
  • Windows 2000 look and feel with Linux stability and performance
  • Mozilla and Firefox browsers with full Macromedia and Sun JVM support
  • Open Office option, including word-processing, speadsheet or presentation support
  • Real Adobe Acrobat Reader, Pop3 e-mail, Lotus Notes support
  • GUI TN5250e and TN3270, with customizable Hot Spots
  • Support for 802.11b, Cisco or Belkin
  • ICA V8, RDP 5.2 (equivalent), Citrix Web Client (NFuse), Tarantella clients
  • PCI and PCMCIA expansion standard
  • DVI for optimal Flat Panel Display
  • Expandable to 1GB DDR and 4GB Storage
  • Optional Java Cache enables local storage of Java-based Applets
Thin Client Versatile Hardware Platform with High-speed Processing

BOS Thin Clients have a versatile combination of features, leading edge components, and local engineering capabilities provide the flexibility to support virtually any application with the BOSâNOVA XTC-1000. Features a 1GHz CPU to provide top performance, even when browsing the Web. This is especially important in a thin client environment where, unlike Windows environments, Web pages are not cached and need to be reloaded each time, over the LAN.
The BOSâNOVA XTC-1000 thin client offers up to 1GB of RAM with support for 1280x1024 32-bit color SVGA display, 802.11b and 802.11g wireless communication; USB, parallel, SMB network, and serial printing. It includes an optional full-featured 122-key keyboard designed for use with midrange applications.

Enterprise Class Remote Administration

The BOSaNOVA LTC-1000 Thin Client is simple to configure either locally or remotely using the BOSaNOVA Manager, which enables the following tasks:

  • Complete terminal configuration from a central location, including terminal emulation settings
  • User lock-out from configuration changes
  • Scheduling of firmware updates
  • Cloning of user environments
  • Control over which applications run on a particular terminal
BOSaNOVA Remote Administration


  • RPD 5.2

  • Citrix ICA Version 8

  • Web Client (NFuse)

  • Tarantella

  • X-Windows

Office Applications

  • Pop 3 e-mail

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader

  • OpenOffice Suite (optional)

  • Lotus Notes Support


  • Mozilla Browser/Firefox

  • SUN JVM Version 1.4.2


  • Supports 8 TN5250e sessions

  • Supports 8 TN3720e sessions

  • Telnet with SSH

  • Wyse 60

  • VT100 and VT200

  • x-Term

  • Optional SCO



  • Via C3 1GHz


  • DDR = 128MB standard/1GB maximum

  • Storage = 64MB standard/4GB maximum


  • DVI (Digital Video Interface)

  • ELO Touch Screen support

  • Video 84X AGP, 1280x1024 dpi, 32 bit color

  • PCMCIA + PCI expansion slot

  • Cisco/Belkin 802.11b

  • 4 USB ports

  • USB CDROM/Floppy

  • 2 Serial Ports

  • 1 Parallel Port

  • Audio in/out

  • 2-Button Wheel Mouse

  • Smart Card Security Option


  • 3-Year Advance Exchange


Ordering Information
Part # Description
7101 LTC-1000 5250/3270 Mozilla Browser, JVM, RDP, ICA, Adobe Acrobat Reader, POP3
7102 LTC-1000 5250/3270 Firefox Browser, JVM, RDP, ICA, Adobe Acrobat Reader
8023 PCMCIA Wireless card, 802.11b
8122x 5250 122-key Driverless PC Keyboard (x='B' for Black 'W' for White)
8104x 104-key PC Keyboard (x='B' for Black 'W' for White
8006 Ericom Emulations: 3151, SCO ANSI, ASCII, etc.


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