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Affirmative YEStation TWINAX LOGIC UNIT

Part Number: 2488
Price: $345


Affirmative 2488 Twinax Logic Unit

Precision design, combined with extreme compact dimensions and new innovative functionality, deliver superior ergonomics and built-in investment protection for Midrange Systems.

The YEStation 2488 provides 4 display sessions and 1 addressable printer session. Additional features such as Shared Address Support, provide up to 4 logical Sessions for 1 physical twinax address, offering less cabling requirements throughout the enterprise.

PC-like mouse support for Host and Local functions, complement the product with increased functionality.

Repetitive data entry is simplified with Auto-key-stroke feature that assigns recorded key sequences to function keys for playback. In high volume manufacturing applications, barcode readers can be integrated to speed up data entry.

On-screen mathematical functions may be performed using the comprehensive calculator with an automated import and export feature to eliminate transcription errors.

The YEStation 2488 is IBM InfoWindow II Compatible and emulates IBM 3487, 3477, 3197, 3487C, 3487(no ECB), 3477C, 3197C and 3488.

Supports standard SVGA color and monochrome monitors. Monitor mains outlet is also provided.


  • Automatic and Manual Device Addressing.
  • Mouse Support.
  • Highlight Character User Selectable.
  • Dynamic Code Page with Multilingual Support.
  • Display Screen Print (DAP).
  • Record, Play, Pause and Recording Security.
  • Intelligent internal Typeahead Buffer.
  • Normal, Shadow and Mouse cursor available.
  • Trim area printing available.
  • Collision Avoidance Address Control.
  • GUI like Enhanced User Interface.
  • 40 Different Languages Supported.
  • Setup Menu in Six Languages. (UK,F,D,S,I,E)
  • Foreground, Background Color Selection.
  • Host Addressable Print (HAP) by Parallel Port.
  • Calculator with Import/Export capabilities.
  • Local Context Sensitive Help.
  • Menu Driven, off-line or on-line configuration setup.
  • Horizontal and Vertical Split Screen.
  • Horizontal, Vertical and Cross Cursor Ruler.
  • 4 Display and 1 addressable Printer sessions.
  • IBM 5256, 4214/2 (Includes APF-graphics support), 5219 and 3812 printer emulation available.
  • IBM 3477, 3487, 3197, 3487C, 3487(no ECB), 3477C, 3197C and 3488 display emulation available.
  • Emulation 3487(no ECB) Shared addressing provides 4 sessions.
  • Emulation 3487C Shared addressing provides 2 sessions.
  • Up to 35 parallel print drivers are supported.
Ordering Information
2488 YEStation Twinax Logic Unit
3482 2488 Twinax Logic Unit + 1226N Keyboard


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