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I-O External Parallel BarCode Interface for label and other specialty printers, 3287/68/62 emulation

Part Number: 4440PCX
Price: $545


The I-O 4440PCX Bar Code Printer Interface

IO 4440PCX Print server

The I-O 4440CX Bar Code Printer Interface is designed to provide Coax SCS support for bar code printers in an IBM S/390 – zSeries environment.

The I-O 4440PCX BarCode Interface is the ideal coax connectivity solution for bar code label and other specialty printers. Due to its unique support of proprietary label printer languages, the I-O 4440PCX is extremely easy to set up and offers unsurpassed communication with the attached printer. The I-O 4440PCX BarCode Interface offers the following exciting features:
  • Standard connectors allow the attachment of virtually any serial bar code label printer to an IBM S/3X, or 3270-type mainframe host, or to a controller.
  • Interface settings are pre-configured for use with bar code label printers making installation a snap.
  • Support of proprietary label printer languages permits user-friendly customization, diagnostics, and troubleshooting.
  • Compact design turns any attached printer into a seamless, stand-alone coax printer.
  • Programmable EBCDIC/ASCII translation tables ensure compatibility with any existing application.
  • Reliable IBM printer emulations and I-O quality guarantee lasting, hassle-free operation in even the most demanding printing environments.
  • The I-O 4440PCX has an extremely low power requirement (about 1/2 watt). This not only saves on power costs, but allows the I-O 4440 to draw it's power from pin 18 of the parallel port, if the printer supports this option. This means there is no need to find an additional power plug, or decide where to put the power supply.

Features Benefits
Reliable IBM Printer Emulations Experience worry-free host printing with I-O’s reliable IBM 4214, 5224/25/56 and 3287/68/62 printer emulations.
Preconfigured Settings Quickly and easily install the I-O 4440. Its factory defaults are already set for bar code label printing.
Unique Support of Proprietary Label Printer Languages Print self-tests, diagnostics, dumps, etc. directly to the attached label printer for convenient customization and trouble-shooting.
Programmable EBCDIC/ASCII Translation Tables Customize the I-O 4440 to work with any existing application.
Dependable Performance Increase productivity by avoiding printer downtime.
Field-Proven I-O Command
Access any printer function directly from the host in Command Pass-Thru™ mode.
Internal Power Supply Save space by utilizing the printer’s capability to supply power through its parallel or serial connector.
Compact Design Gain flexibility by turning your bar code label printer into a seamless, stand-alone twinax/coax printer.
Interface Models:
I-O 4440STX BarCode Interface: Attaches to serial printer and twinax host
I-O 4440PTX BarCode Interface: Attaches to parallel printer and twinax host
I-O 4440SCX BarCode Interface: Attaches to serial printer and coax host
I-O 4440PCX BarCode Interface: Attaches to parallel printer and coax host


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