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I-O External Pocket print box for parallel printers using unshielded twisted pair (UTP) environments, RJ-45 direct balun connector, 3812 (SCS), 4214, 5224/25/56 emulation

Part Number: UTP-TX
Price: $395

IO UTP-TX Pocket Print Box

I-O UTP TX Pocket Print Box

Designed for use in unshielded twisted pair environments, the I-O UTP Pocket Print Box is a low-cost SCS print server that connects an ASCII printer to an IBM AS/400, iSeries or eServer i5 host via Category 5 twisted pair cable.

General Information
Designed for use in unshielded twisted pair (UTP) environments, the I-O UTP Pocket Print Box is a low-cost printer interface (available for 5250 twinax environments) that attaches directly to a printer’s parallel port. No parallel cable is required. The I-O UTP Pocket Print Box features a built-in RJ-45 balun for a direct connection to Category 5 twisted pair cable coming from the IBM host. No external balun is required. It also offers a unique universal pin-out selector switch, which enables support of virtually any manufacturer’s balun type. No more worries about matching balun pin-outs.

The I-O UTP Pocket Print Box attaches virtually any parallel printer to an AS/400 host and offers one IBM printer session (SCS), featuring I-O’s field-proven laser and dot-matrix printer emulations. It supports a wide variety of printer drivers, including HP PCL; Epson FX/DFX, DFX+, LQ, and ESC/P2; and IBM Proprinter. It also includes I-O Command Pass-Thru™, bar code, and IOGL™. These features allow access to and more utilization of the printer’s capabilities such as duplex printing, additional fonts, and color printing that otherwise would be unavailable when printing from an IBM host.

Configuring the I-O UTP Pocket Print Box is very simple. It comes with an easy-to-use rotary switch to set the twinax address, the printer emulation, and the output protocol, as well as various diagnostic functions (self-test, EBCDIC dump, ASCII dump, restore factory defaults, and diagnostics).

The I-O UTP Pocket Print Box has an extremely low power requirement (about 1/2 watt). This not only saves on power costs, but allows the I-O UTP Pocket Print Box to draw it's power from pin 18 of the parallel port, if the printer supports this option. This means there is no need to find an additional power plug, or decide where to put the power supply.

With these features and more, the I-O UTP Pocket Print Box is the clear solution for low-cost, full-function, and hassle-free connections to an IBM host using twisted pair wiring.
Specifications - AS/400:
• Attaches to IBM AS/400 or System/3X Host, 5X94 Controllers, or 5299 TTPA

• IBM 3812-1 (non IPDS), to PCL/4 & 5 compatible printers. Supports APO and COR

• IBM 4214, 5224, 5225, 5256 to Epson FX/LQ, IBM PPDS (Proprinter) or Generic printers.

Features Benefits
Attaches directly to printer’s parallel port No Centronics parallel cable is required. An optional attachment kit, with a parallel extension cable and velcro stiips, is also provided.
Built-in RJ-45 balun Direct connection to twisted pair cable. No external balun is required.
Universal pin-out selector switch Enables support for all manufacturer’s balun types. No more worries about matching pin-outs and polarity.
Easy to configure and install Set your twinax address or coax buffer size directly using the easy-to-use rotary switch and you will be printing in minutes.
True IBM printer emulations Supports a parallel printer on an AS/400 host with reliable performance.
I-O Command Pass-Thru™ Access all programmable functions of the attached printer, such as bar codes, fonts, etc.
Software compatibility Print from popular host applications, such as bar code and electronic forms printing packages, without worrying about the print output.
Extremely low power No need to use an external power supply if the printer supplies power. Saves on energy costs.


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