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BOSaNOVA WTC-400 CE.NET Thin Client, 5250/3270, IE 6, RDP, ICA, Office Viewers, Acrobat Reader, POP3

Part Number: 7420
Price: $395


BOSaNOVA Thin Client WTC-400

Overview BOSaNOVA Thin Client WTC-400 7420

Powered by Microsoft Windows CE.Net, the BOSaNOVA WTC-400 provides cost-effective and secure access to applications residing on an iSeries or pSeries host, and/or Microsoft Windows, Unix, or Citrix servers. The unit is small and efficiently designed; it can be used as a base for the monitor or mounted vertically using the factory-supplied stand. Unlike other CE.Net-based Thin Clients, which support only full-screen applications, the BOSaNOVA WTC-400 uniquely allows management of multiple browser windows within a single browser instance. As a result, even pop-up windows (which typically require the user to close the new window in order to revert to the parent window) are no longer a distraction to the standard user’s workflow. This capability, alongside broad application compatibility and system integration flexibility, vastly improves the user experience and increases productivity.

  • Fast processor gives this entry-level Thin Client the benefit of excellent performance in an economical solution

  • Windows CE.Net operating system with embedded Internet Explorer 6.0 compact browser to access web-based applications — with window manager, web mail icon, and kiosk mode — and optional Java Virtual Machine (JVM)

  • Embedded GUI TN5250e/TN3270e terminal emulation display (up to four sessions) and SCS printing, as well as the following ASCII emulations: VT100, VT220, VT400, SCO, Xterm R6, and Telnet with SSH

  • Supports connection to Windows Terminal Servers and Citrix servers using the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), Citrix Independent Computing Architecture (ICA) client software, Citrix Web Client, Tarantella and VNC Client

  • Automatic 5250 session termination on power-down, preventing “session in use” problems normally associated with Ethernet terminals

  • Supports windowing (in desktop mode), touch screen, USB printing, and dial-up connection

  • Contains full array of embedded applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint viewers; POP-3 e-mail; media player; and a PDF reader

  • GUI setup and centralized configuration, management, and security via the BOSaNOVA Remote Management utility for low TCO ( Total Cost of Ownership)

Enterprise Class Remote Administration

The BOSaNOVA WTC-350 Thin Client is simple to configure either locally or remotely using the BOSaNOVA Manager, which enables the following tasks:

  • Complete terminal configuration from a central location

  • User lock-out from configuration changes

  • Scheduling of firmware updates

  • Cloning of user environments

  • Control over which applications run on a particular terminal

The BOSaNOVA WTC-400 Supports multiple browser windows for a smoother user work experience

Multiple Browser support

Technical Specifications

Processor CPU VIA Eden 400MHz
Memory RAM
One SDRAM 144pin DIMM 64MB
One Disk on Module (DOM) 32MB
Standard Interface VGA
USB Port
Up to 1280x1024, 24-bit true color, VESA monitor support with DDC
RJ45, 10/100BaseT
PS2 Type
RS232, 9-pin DSUB COM1, COM2
25-Pin DSUB
2 USB Ports
1/8" mini, full 16-bit stereo, 44KHz sample rate with microphone input
Power Connector Standard power cord, Input AC 100/240 Volt, 50-60Hz
Physical Dimensions W 1 3/4" x L 8 3/4" x H 9 1/2"
Client Side Software OS System
Terminal Emulation
Embedded Applications


Local Configuration
Windows CE.NET 4.2
GUI TN5250e/TN3270e terminal emulation display and SCS printing
IE 6.0 compact browser with JVM (optional) and Word Viewer; Excel Viewer, PowerPoint Viewer; POP-3 e-mail; VNC Client; PDF Reader; and Citrix NFuse
Remote Desktop Protocol v5.2 (RDP), Citrix Independent Computing Architecture v7.0 (ICA)
Terminal/Session Configuration
Server Side Software OS System Support
Management Tool
Microsoft Windows 2000/2003 Server, Microsoft Windows NT Terminal Server Edition, Citrix Metaframe, Citrix Winframe
Remote Administrator, Wake on LAN
Ordering Information
PID Description
7420 BOSaNOVA WTC-400 5250/3270e, CE.NET, IE6,  RDP & ICA, Office Viewers, PDF Reader, POP3
8005 Optional JVM to support Java-based applications
8104 104-Key PC Keyboard
8122 5250 PC 122-key tactile driverless keyboard, 25 million keystroke life
8122msr 122-Key Keyboard with MSR (Magnetic Strip Reader)

Warranty: All terminals come standard with a comprehensive 3-year warranty including: advance exchange; technical support, and software updates.


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