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I-O Corp Text only Ethernet Dumb Terminal plus 104 PC style keyboard

Part Number: TC2677/104
Price: $329


I-O Corp Ethernet Dumb Terminal TC2677

IO Ethernet Dumb Terminal TC2677

An economical, text only Thin Client for the IBM AS/400 - iSeries

Ordering Information
The I-O TC2677 is an economical 5250 Ethernet display, designed for IBM AS/400-iSeries data entry via TCP/IP. Compared to PC workstations, the TC2677 is a low priced, low maintenance solution that provides a high level of productivity and performance.

The I-O TC2677 is a full featured text based 5250 display that includes up to four AS/400 sessions (3 display, 1 printer), full and split screens in 80 or 132 column mode, and multi-host support. Bright, sharp characters are supported on both monochrome and color monitors. I-O’s traditional 122 or 102-key 5250 keyboards offer IBM midrange users fast convenient input.

The I-O TC2677 has a host addressable printer port that allows native IBM AS/400-iSeries print jobs to be printed in an Ethernet environment. Host print jobs are not lost in the “black hole” of network printing. With the I-O TC2677, users have the flexibility and control of page range printing, error reporting, and faster printing speeds.

Since 1977, I-O Corporation has been a pioneer in developing IBM midrange solutions. In addition to I-O’s well-known display technology, the TC2677 incorporates I-O’s award winning IBM host emulations. The I-O TC2677 is the right choice for those dedicated to IBM host data processing.

Ethernet Dumb Terminal Diagram

Technical Specifications
  • Attaches to an AS/400-iSeries via Ethernet LAN
  • 4 sessions (3 display, 1 printer)
  • 122 or 102 key IBM 5250 keyboard
  • Host addressable printer port
  • TN5250e display/printer protocol
  • Record/playback with stored descriptions
  • Multi-host support
  • Local or remote configuration
  • Display/printer sessions auto configure
    on host
  • Selectable Parallel or Serial port:
    - 3 Year Warranty (logic unit and keyboard)


  • TCP/IP (TN5250e)
  • 10/100 BaseT auto sensing
  • DHCP Client
  • OS/400 V3R2 and newer


  • Printing: IBM SCS 3812 & 4214
  • Terminal: 3477FC - Color
    3477FG - Monochrome


  • VGA Monitor (or better)
  • 80/132 column full or split screen
  • Color or monochrome
  • RJ45 10/100 Fast Ethernet
    Parallel DB25, IEEE 1284
    Serial DB25M
  • DB15 VGA video
  • PS/2 Keyboard connector

Multi-Language Support
US/Canadian (English), UK (English),
Austrian/German, Swiss/German, Swedish,
Finnish, Danish, Norwegian, French
(Azerty), French/Canadian, Belgian (Azerty),
Italian, Spanish, Latin American Spanish,
Portuguese, Brazilian, and Multi-national

FLASH Memory


  • Logic Unit: FCC15, CE
  • Power Supply: UL, CE

Power Supply

  • 5VDC, 1A shielded ground
  • 100-240V, auto sensing

Features Benefits
Low Cost Low initial cost – Less expensive to maintain and support than a PC or Windows Based Thin Client
Full Featured 5250 Display Four sessions, split screen, 80 and 132 column display, software key lock, multi-host support, record/playback with stored descriptions, dual cursors, and rule cursor
True IBM 122 or 102-key 5250 Keyboard Layout AS/400-iSeries compatible – Input is fast and easy
Host Addressable Printer Port Native host print jobs can be sent to either the parallel or serial port via TCP/IP
I-O’s Award Winning Printer Emulations 3812 emulation with page range printing, error reporting and fast first page out - Print jobs are not lost in the “black hole” of Ethernet printing. Module converts 3812 to 4214 or 4245 depending upon printer attached.
Record/playback with Stored Descriptions Up to 1024 repetitive keystrokes can be recorded in a single function key (24 function keys available) - A brief user designed description of the recorded keystroke sequence can be stored and viewed
Compact Design Requires minimal desk space
Easy to Configure User set-up is simple and easy to accomplish using either local or remote configuration – Display and printer sessions are auto configured on the host – Operational in minutes

Please contact I/O Connections and find out how you can get a free 30-day trial unit.

Ordering Information

I-O Text based Ethernet logic unit, IBM AS/400, iSeries, eServer i5, TN5250e host support, 3 display/1 printer, split screen, 80/132 column, host addressable printer port

TC2677/104 TC2677, plus 104 PC style keyboard
TC2677/102 TC2677, plus IBM style 102-key 5250 keyboard
TC2677/122 TC2677, plus IBM style 122-key 5250 keyboard
TC2677G/104 TC2677, plus 104 PC style keyboard, 14" green monitor
TC2677G/102 TC2677, plus IBM style 102-key 5250 keyboard, 14" green monitor
TC2677G/122 TC2677, plus IBM style 122-key 5250 keyboard, 14" green monitor
TC2677C/104 TC2677, plus 104 PC style keyboard, 15" color monitor
TC2677C/102 TC2677, plus IBM style 102-key 5250 keyboard, 15" color monitor
TC2677C/122 TC2677, plus IBM style 122-key 5250 keyboard, 15" color monitor

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