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BOSaNOVA e-Twin Print - Twinax to Ethernet Protocol Converter

Part Number: 4691
Price: $1400


Reverse Protocol Converter (RPC) Supporting Single Twinax Printers

BOSaNOVA e-Twin Print Reverse Protocol Converter

Ordering Information

The e-TwinPrint, a reverse protocol converter (RPC), enables workhorse SCS and IPDS printers in remote locations to be supported and managed easily via a Web browser. Protect your Twinax printer investment, even as you move the rest of your organization to a LAN environment, with this SNA-free, pure TCP/IP RPC.

A Configured and managed remotely via a Web browser, eliminating the requirement to use a PC on the same LAN with configuration and management software installed
A Permits IT staff to handle problems directly, without having to talk an end user on location through complex diagnostics
A Supports initial setup via a dumb terminal, an advantage when the device is located in a small remote site without a PC
A Automatically creates printer device description on the host
A Does not use AnyNet or MPTN (does not use SNA!)
A Upgradeable to support 3 or 10 devices (including Terminals) with software key
A DHCP or Static IP
A Supports most popular e-Twin@x ControllerTM features, such as encrypted connection over the Internet using SECURIT-e ServerTM, Hot Backup, Dial Backup, System Backup, DNS to IP address resolution, etc.*

Technical Specifications

Printers Supported
A SCS Printers: 3812, 4214, 4245, 5219, 5224, 5256, 6262, 4234, 6400
A IPDS Printers: 3812, 4224, 4230, 4234, 4028

Host System Requirements
A OS/400 V3R2 or higher
A For device naming and SCS printing functionality the correct PTF must be installed.
A Ethernet LAN connection

Physical Specifications
A Electrical: Universal input 100v- 240v, 0.6A, 50/ 60Hz
A Width: 17.4" / 44.1 cm; with brackets: 19" / 48.3 cm
A Height: 1.64" / 4.16 cm (1U)
A Depth: 9.8" / 25 cm
A Weight: 5.1 lbs / 2.3 kg

Part Number


4600 Series e-Twinax Controller with Twinax Ports

4691 BOSaNOVA e-Twin Print - 1 device Twinax to Ethernet Protocol Converter
4693 BOSaNOVA e-Twinax Controller 3 device (2port Y cable)
4610 BOSaNOVA e-Twinax Controller 14 device (2port Y cable)
4616 BOSaNOVA e-Twinax Controller 16 device (8 port Twinax Brick)
4628 BOSaNOVA e-Twinax Controller 28 device (8 port Twinax Brick)
4656 BOSaNOVA e-Twinax Controller 56 device (8 port Twinax Brick)
4612 BOSaNOVA e-Twinax Controller 112 device (8 port Twinax Brick)

4700 Series e-Twinax Controller - Local Only

4756 BOSaNOVA e-Twinax Controller 56 device - LAN ONLY
4712 BOSaNOVA e-Twinax Controller 112 device - LAN ONLY

4800 Series e-Twinax Controller with RJ45 Ports (e-Twinstar)

4808 BOSaNOVA e-Twinax Controller 8 device 8 RJ45 connectors
4816 BOSaNOVA e-Twinax Controller 16 device 8 RJ45 connectors
4828 BOSaNOVA e-Twinax Controller 28 device 16 RJ45 connectors
4856 BOSaNOVA e-Twinax Controller 56 device 8 RJ45 connectors
4812 BOSaNOVA e-Twinax Controller 112 device 16 RJ45 connectors

Chargeable Features

4601 Ras 4 Port (requires 4602)
4602 SECURIT-e + RAS 2 Port
4604 TwinMail Module
4605 Dial Backup feature (requires 4602)
4600 Additional Connector Brick for 46 series (Provides extra 8 twinax ports)
4800 16-Port RJ45 HUB; (Factory install only, 48xx series)
4698 Hot Spare Controller (2 year rental requires base warranty extention)

Download - BOS e-Twinax Controller Demo

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