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BOSaNOVA Web Server Software 10 User

Part Number: 2510
Price: $2415


Ordering Informaion

BOSaNOVA Web is an enterprise-wide, centrally and remote managed, Java-based solution that provides AS/400-to-desktop TN5250e GUI display emulation, SCS printer emulation, and native AS/400 SQL data transfer. PC users attached to an AS/400 via an intranet, extranet, or the Internet access this application using Internet Explorer Web browser. The Jadvantage's security features, based on SSL encryption mechanisms, ensure a safe and secure connection to the AS/400 via the Web.

BOSaNOVA Jadvantage is a Java-based solution that provides AS/400 to desktop TN5250e GUI emulation and printing facilities

BOSaNOVA Web is a Java-based solution that provides AS/400 to desktop TN5250e GUI emulation and printing facilities

  • Provides AS/400 on-the-fly GUI display emulation including macros, keyboard mapping, mouse support, color mapping and toolbar customization.
  • The server installs on an AS/400 (directly from the CD drive, if desired) or on a Windows NT/2000/XP PC. The client is deployed automatically to all Internet or network attached workstations.
  • Affords quick and extremely user-friendly system configuration, monitoring and control.
  • Supports full SCS Windows printing via a plug-in that is installed and initiated via the browser.
  • Employs the SSL protocol with both server and client digital certificates authentication to ensure secure and confidential bi-directional communication between the server and clients.
  • Enables display of a graphic file found on the server whose name matches a string selected from the display session screen.
  • Supports login to Jadvantage server using the host sign-on services; the display session automatically generates a sign-on bypass to the host.
  • Includes a “thin” Web server that runs on the Jadvantage server, eliminating the need for an additional Web server.

Cost-Effective Emulation Solution for Corporate Networks

BOSaNOVA Web is installed on a corporate server enabling centralized management and maintenance. Java applets are downloaded to the workstation's browser the first time BOSaNOVA Web is accessed and automatically updated each time the user connects to the host. BOSaNOVA Web particularly benefits as AS/400 organization that:

  • has a TCP/IP based infrastructure, and/or
  • uses the AS/400 server for e-Commerce application, and/or
  • has remote users or networks connected to the AS/400 via Internet or an extranet
Special Benefits for System Administrators
BOSaNOVA Web enables the system administrator to monitor and control sessions between client and host. This provides a secure system by allowing the system administrator to decide who may and may not have access to a particular session. In addition, BOSaNOVA Web allows administrators to define groups for users who have the same access and session needs. Grouping is an efficient tool for managing multiple users because it reduces the need to create individual sessions for each user.
Secure Business Communication

BOSaNOVA Web includes built-in support for the SSL protocol that allows bi-directional secure connections between the server and the client. The SSL protocol establishes encrypted communication links based on certificates containing the company's identification information. The client digital certificates are supported as well. The BOSaNOVA Web Certificate Manager facilitates management of multiple server certificates, both self-signed and signed by a third party Certificate Authority, VeriSign or Thawte. In addition, BOSaNOVA Web's security system includes a server-based user ID and password.

The Session Monitor can display a report describing the session currently supported by active server

The Session Monitor can display a report describing the session currently supported by active server

Flexible GUI Emulation and Printing Solution for TCP/IP Networks
BOSaNOVA Web provides TN5250e emulation environment with full customizable 5250 key support, macros and toolbars for fast command operations. Legacy screens are automatically translated, during run time, into full color, Windows-like screens BOSaNOVA Web enables one-time configuration for all application screens and operates without interfering with host applications. Reports can be printed directly from the AS/400 via a printing application that is downloaded and installed workstations as a plug-in where the user initiates first printer session, and is automatically updated during future sessions. The one-time configuration process eliminates the need for definitions and other print queue management tasks, as is necessary for LPD printing. The BOSaNOVA Web SCS printing facility features:
  • Print preview
  • Support for any Windows driver
  • Customized drivers for increased printing performance and fine-tuning of complicated printouts
Native AS/400 SQL Data Transfer
BOSaNOVA Web provides the JDTF function for transferring data in either direction between a PC and an AS/400. This handy function facilitates the building of profiles for data transfer and allows users to browse AS/400 files and members, and display the DDS (Data Description Specification) information. JDTF also includes a powerful SQL editor that allows the user to easily create complicated SQL queries.

Jadvantage supports native AS/400 SQL data transfer

BOSaNOVA Web supports native AS/400 SQL data transfer

Display Associated Graphic File
BOSaNOVA Web allows display of a graphic file found on server whose name matches a string selected from display session screen. The matching picture is shown in a new window, positioned on top of display session window.

All graphic file types supported by the workstation's browser are supported.

The Show Picture function is especially convenient for catalog and production applications.

This sample employee identification application demonstrates how BOSaNOVA Webs built-in picture viewer can be used to clarify existing programs. An images directory, containing employee photos with file names matching the employees' social security numbers, has been uploaded to the server and is available to any client machine with access privileges to the display session.

Product Components and Installation
>The following BOSaNOVA Web applications run on the server:
  • Java-based Proxy Server - Responsible for the security mechanism and for routing the client connection to multiple hosts
  • Web Server - A "thin" Web server that is supplied with BOSaNOVA Web, eliminates the need for an existing Web server
>The client applet is installed in the user's browser, providing high-speed connectivity to the AS/400. The following applications are supported by the BOSaNOVA Web client applet:
  • AS/400 display session
  • AS/400 printing emulation plug-in application deployed to workstations the first time server is accessed
  • JDTF - Native AS/400 SQL data transfer between a PC and an AS/400
Jadvantage Operation
> BOSaNOVA Web Server
The Jadvantage Server consists of a proxy server used for securing TN5250e sessions and a thin Web server. It is recommended that the Jadvantage server be run in the batch mode on the AS/400. The administrator determines system priority and can schedule Jadvantage to start automatically after IPL. When installed over Windows, the Jadvantage server can be set to be an NT service, starting automatically when Windows starts.
> BOSaNOVA Web Client
Users access the server via a company URL or IP address. After receiving user authentication, the TN5250e emulation applet starts running, enabling the user to access AS/400 data and applications.

System Requirements
> BOSaNOVA Web Server
For AS/400-Based Installation:
  • Network connection: TCP/IP
  • Operating system: (OS/400) V4R2 (or higher) with JDK version 1.1.6 (1.1.8 for V5Rx) installed
For PC-Based Installation:
  • AS/400 connection:
  • OS/400 V2R3 (or higher)
  • TCP/IP line
  • PC: Pentium 500 MHz recommended (133 MHz minimum)
  • Memory: 256 MB recommended (64 MB minimum)
  • Hard disk: 18 MB minimum
  • Network connection: Network-operable with TCP/IP protocol
  • Operating system: Windows NT / 2000 / XP
> BOSaNOVA Web Client
Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01 (or higher) Web browser
For printing and workstation ID (V3R2, V3R7, V4Rx-2433) support, the correct PTFs must be installed.
Ordering Information
2510 BOSaNOVA Web - Server
2511 BOSaNOVA Web - Client

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