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Perle 833 Remote Access Server

Part Number: P501E0E02 (833)
Price: $1218


Perle 833 Access Server

Perle 833 Access Server Ordering Information
A Complete Multi-protocol Access Solution for Departmental or Workgroup Dial-in.
The Perle 833 Remote Access Server is a reliable and complete remote access server solution, consisting of a server with management and dial-out software and client software with an unlimited license. For Windows® 2000, 98, 95 and Windows® NT Workstation users, the native dial-up networking facility is supported.

Perle 833 Topology Diagram

With the Perle 833, remote PCs act like a local node on an Ethernet or Token-Ring LAN and can access all network resources just as if they were locally connected. The Perle 833 offers flexibility through a broad choice of models (2, 4, or 8 ports) for connection to commonly available
asynchronous modems and ISDN terminal adapters, with each port handling a sustained data transfer rate of up to115 Kbps.

The Perle 833 is a complete, out of the box solution. With its Windows® -based manager software, the Perle 833 can be readily installed and managed from a PC attached either to the LAN, or remotely via high-speed modems. It even has a front panel display and keypad so that some configuration can be performed conveniently at the server, if required.

Security is a key issue when supporting remote users. To meet those needs, the Perle 833 has multi-level security and management features and supports major security standards including PAP, CHAP, RADIUS, NetWare Bindery, Axent DSS, SecurID-ACE/Server and Windows (r) NT
Domain Server.

The Perle 833 has the best dial-out capabilities in the industry. The Perle 833 Dial-out Client for Windows® 98, 95 and NT provides sophisticated features, which enable LAN-based users to send faxes* or dial-out to the Internet or other on-line services. Perle 833 servers can also be grouped into a single dial-out pool, simplifying the set-up and installation for dial-out users.

Perle 833 is the one box solution for seamless dial-in LAN access that is easy to install and use.

Features and Capabilities
  • 2, 4, or 8-port Token-Ring and Ethernet models with high-speed serial ports to meet all your networking needs.
  • Supports all major desktop operating systems for greater network flexibility.
  • Supports all major LAN operating systems to access all network resources.
  • Multi-level security features including NT Domain Server Authentication safeguards your network.
  • Local or remote management functions can be conveniently managed from anywhere on the network.
  • Full function dial-out modem pooling gives LAN-based users access to Fax*, Internet and more online services.
  • Convenient front panel display and keypad for easy configuration.
  • Multi-language support to meet your needs, regardless of your language or location.
  • Lifetime Warranty for security and peace of mind in critical applications.
  • Central site dial-in remote access.
  • Departmental/workgroup dial-in remote access.
  • Dial-out modem pooling.

* in conjunction with third party fax software packages

Ordering Information
Part Number Model Description
P501E0E02 833/2E 833 Chassis 2-Port Serial, 1 Ethernet Port
P501E0E04 833/4E 833 Chassis 4-Port Serial, 1 Ethernet Port
P501E0E08 833/8E 833 Chassis 8-Port Serial, 1 Ethernet Port

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