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I-O Dumb Terminal, plus IBM style 122-key 5250 Keyboard, 15 inch color monitor

Part Number: 2677MC/122
Price: $595

I-O 2677MC Dumb Terminal I-O 2677MC Dumb Terminal with IBM 122 style keyboard
The I-O 2677MC Dumb Terminal is a low cost, modular midrange display device which is compact and fully featured. The I-O 2677MC includes a 15" color monitor, the display module, a 102/103-key or 122-key keyboard, and a universal power supply. The I-O Corporation 2677MC dumb terminal provides outstanding benefits such as:
  • Low Cost - No special software or training required
  • Exclusivity - Exclusive features such as Twinax Monitor Mode
  • Multi-Session - Four session (DDDP) multi-task functionality
  • Compact Design - Requires minimal space
  • Printer Port - Printing flexibility at a very low cost
  • Supports Laser or Matrix Printers
  • High Resolution - Sharp, easy-to-read characters

I-O 2677MC Dumb Terminal Diagram

The 2677MC dumb terminal includes a Manufacturer's Three Year Limited Warranty to further reduce cost of ownership. For all these reasons we think you'll agree . . . the I-O 2677MC is the price/ performance leader in midrange display modules and is an alternative display device for those who are not quite ready for a network computer.


IBM Features:
Attaches to:
IBM AS/400, System/36, /38, 5294, 5394, 5494, and I-O 8294, 8394, 8394E, 8394Ei and 8494 series remote controllers.
Multiple Sessions: 3 Display + 1 Printer
Multiple Emulations: 3180, 3196, 3197C & D, 5251-11, 5291, 3487C Non Info Window
Host Addressable Printer Port
Multiple Language Support:
US/Canadian English, UK English, Austrian/ German, Swiss-German, French (AZERTY), Belgian (AZERTY), Swiss-French, Canadian French, Italian, Spanish, L/A Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Norwegian, Dutch, and Multinational
Standard PC Parallel Printer Connector
Dual Cursors, Rule Cursor
Tilt and Swivel Capability
Auto Terminating Twinax "V" Cable
15" .28mm pitch High Resolution SVGA Monitor

Plus a wide range of additional features that boost productivity and performance.

Features Benefits
VESA-DPMS Power Saver Mode Reduces power consumption on the monitor.
Horizontal Split Screen 80/80, 80/132, 132/132 modes for multi-task operation.
Multiple Printer Emulations 5224, 5225, and 5256 emulations allow flexible, low cost printing.
Laser Printer Support Any HP compatible PCL4 or PCL5 laser printer may be attached.
Printer Control from Keyboard New Line, Form Feed, Stop, Start, and Cancel are all available from the keyboard.
I-O Command Pass-ThruTM Allows control of all user-programmable features of the printer.
Local Screen Print Local print copy at any time.
Record/Pause/Play Function Up to 1,570 keystrokes of Record/Pause/Playback past enter with security options.
Overscan/Reverse Video Reverses the background and text of the screen.
Software Security Blanks the screen and inhibits input from the keyboard without signing off the display.
Printer Code Editor Allows customization of printer tables which provide attachment to various printers.
Twinax Monitor Mode Diagnostic tests that indicate what is occurring on the twinax cable.
Modular Design Customer supplied montior allows custom choice of display and/or cost savings by using existing monitor.


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