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Affirmative ProductsAffirmative - Affirmative Computer Products designs, develops, and supports 5250 and 3270 display and printer products for users of IBM AS/400, iSeries, S/390 and zSeries midrange and mainframe computers. Windows Based Terminals (WBT) and Linux Based Terminals are available with 5250 and 3270-style keyboards, easing the transition between OS/400 and Mainframe applications and Windows or Browser-based applications.
BOSaNOVA ProductsBOSaNOVA - BOSaNOVA (Better On-Line Solutions) offers an efficient and innovative PC emulator and client access solutions for the iSeries, AS400 and System/3x environments. BOSaNOVA products support both legacy and evolving platforms - from Twinax to APPC, TCP/IP and Java. The products are compatible with Windows 3.x/95/98/2000/NT and Me operating systems.
Computer Labs Intl. ProductsComputer Labs Intl. - Since 1984, Computer Lab International, Inc. (CLI) has specialized in innovative, easy-to-use, and cost-effective products that enable access to applications and data in thin client computing environments. CLI is the leading provider of IBM midrange terminals, thin client and wireless devices, administration and management software, emulation software and support services. CLI products give appliance-like access to the Internet, Windows and Linux applications, as well as "legacy" applications running on mainframes, midrange and Unix systems.
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I-O Corp. ProductsI-O Corp. - In business since 1977, I-O Corporation provides host connectivity solutions for IBM Midrange and Mainframe systems. I-O's product designs include economically priced print servers, display stations and data stream conversion devices. With over 750,000 enterprise connectivity solutions installed in more than 30 countries, I-O Corporation's reputation for product reliability and customer support is recognized world-wide.
Keynai Security Solutions ProductsKeynai Security Solutions - Keynai provides a single, integrated service that tackles security threats with a rigorous and consistent approach.
NLynx ProductsNLynx - NLynx Technologies Inc., headquartered in Austin, Texas, is the leading independent, global supplier of connectivity products and peripherals for the IBM midrange and mainframe market, with an emphasis on IP connectivity solutions. The combination of a wide range of innovative products, an experienced team, and a vision for the future make NLynx Technologies one of the most dynamic companies in the industry.
OST ProductsOST - Incorporated in 1992, Omnitron Systems is dedicated to designing and manufacturing quality media converters and networking products that are reliable, flexible and versatile. As a leading company in optimizing fiber and copper connectivity solutions, Omnitron Systems offers a wide range of Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, ATM, T1/E1, RS-232, Token Ring and 5250 twinax products for local area networks and IBM AS/400 systems.
Perle ProductsPerle - Perle Systems founded in 1976 has evolved from a company deeply rooted in the development of data connectivity products for mainframe network environments to a publicly traded, global leader and provider of award-winning IP networking devices.
Praim ProductsPraim - Praim was founded in 1987 in Trento, where R&D, logistics and production are still situated. In the branch offices situated in Milan (Italy), Portsmouth (USA) and St-Eustache (Canada), Praim develops sales and marketing activities for both the EU and extra-EU markets.
Symbol ProductsSymbol - Symbol Technologies, Inc. is a global leader in mobile data management systems and services with innovative customer solutions based on wireless local area networking for voice and data, application-specific mobile computing and bar code data capture. Symbol's wireless LAN solutions are installed at more than 45,000 customer locations, and more than seven million Symbol scanners and application-specific scanner-integrated mobile computer systems are in use worldwide. Symbol and its global network of business partners provide solutions for retailing, transportation and distribution logistics, parcel and postal delivery, healthcare, education, manufacturing and other industries.
Zebra ProductsZebra - Zebra Technologies delivers innovative and reliable on-demand printing solutions to businesses and governments the world over. Zebra is one of the leading global providers of thermal bar code label and receipt printers, card printers, RFID smart label printer/encoders, supplies, label design/integration software, and the widest range of thermal printer connectivity and networking solutions.


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