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I/O Connections, Inc. is dedicated to providing excellent service, solutions, products and pricing for IBM AS/400, iSeries, AS/36 and 3270 users.

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I-O's Host Print Software for Windows®
Adaptio Host Print Software adaptio supports between 1 and 128 IPDS/SCS
printer sessions
and runs as a Windows service.

I-O's adaptio is a Windows based software solution designed to print IBM host print jobs over an Ethernet network via TCP/IP. Running as a Windows service, adaptio seamlessly converts IBM's AFP/IPDS and SCS data streams to PCL.

I-O's XIP Twinax Rackmount Controller

Adaptio Host Print Software The I-O Xip Controller allows Twinax displays and printers to be attached to an AS/400, iSeries or eServer i5 host via standard Ethernet and TCP/IP.

Twinax Investment Protection Solution

IO Print Box

The I-O 5430e is a single port, print server that converts native IBM AS/400, iSeries, eServer i5 or S/390 – zSeries SCS print jobs to PCL, allowing them to be printed on a laser printer.
e-Twinax Controller by BOSaNOVA

Are you looking for the best way to ELIMINATE ALL SNA TRAFFIC from your network?

The BOSaNOVA e-Twinax Controller allows you to move your Twinax network forward with the best state-of-the-art pure TCP/IP solution. "e-Twinax Controller helps you preserve your hardware investment in terminals and printers while you develop or expand your network infrastructure." It is the only PURE TCP/IP Twinax Remote Controller.
The I-O 3235 IPDS DIMM is a HP LaserJet compatible, Dual Inline Memory Module or flash memory card. The I-O 3235 DIMM/Flash provides seamless AFP/IPDS printing from AS/400, iSeries, eServer i5 and S/390 – zSeries hosts to HP LaserJet printers. I-O 3235-041 AFP/IPDS Internal DIMM/Flash

BOSaNOVA TCP/IP Emulation software (BOS 2900)

BOSaNOVA TCP/IP Emulation Software provides Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP and Citrix users on a TCP/IP or Twinax network with robust TN5250e emulation, native AS/400 file transfer services, convenient network printing (LPD), and SCS printing emulation. BOS TCP/IP attaches directly to the network with no need for a router and is especially easy to install, configure, and use. BOS TCP/IP is designed to work transparently with remote LAN access products such as those available from Lynk, Shiva, IBM, and Cisco. Download BOSaNOVA TCP/IP free for 30 days.

The I-O 5435e is a single port, multi-protocol print server that provides support for Advanced Function Printing (AFP) using IBM's Intelligent Printer Data Stream (IPDS) over Ethernet networks from an IBM AS/400 - iSeries or Mainframe - zSeries Host.

I-O 5435e AFP/IPDS Print Server


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